Seeking new alliance

Seeking new competitive end game alliance. I use Discord, decent in tournaments, do higher in skill based advantage tourneys. Here’s my team and previous tournament scores

My alliance is not considered competitive, so maybe will not catch your fancy. But we get Rank 9 Defence and Rank 10 Exploration weekly incubators and Tier 8 in 5-week tournaments.

Discord for us is mandatory, and we can do all raids at this point.

However, completely understand if you are looking for something better!

If your interested you could join the alliance I’m in, FinalClaws we help with all the raids and have Farley organized sanctuaries and we are tier three in the tournament and we usually get tier 7 on both weekly incubators
Edit: I just noticed we are 50/50 but if you are interested I could let you know when we have an open spot

Ummm…. We have a spot open :grimacing: You know you want it! Miss ya Choc. Seriously, holla if you wanna come back!