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Seeking new Clan! High level/active player

Player ID: Gabbi#3309

Looking to join an active clan that is taking down 6* - 9* alphas.

Above is my current roster. I play everyday and do 80k - 120k damage on the alphas.
I am american player in EST if that matters.

Please no invites to new clans or clans with lower damage averages!

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I think you would be a good candidate for Dark Akatsuki. They fight 7-9* alphas and are our middle clan

:fire: Join Us. Largest clan community in Titan Uprising. 5 clans each with thier own damage ranges with our top clan fighting 10* and opening level 10 chests. We believe if we have fun playing with each other everyday we will all achieve naturally. We are positive helpful and have many resources to help othersbut your teams and strategies. Let’s chat more. :fire: