Seeking new raid active alliance

Seeking a new Alli which is raid active at my time (central european time).
Do always takedowns and am very active ingame too.

Hi i’m from an alliance called RockChalk GEN2, u can join us if u want, we coordinate all of our raids on discord daily. RockChalk JWA

Hi, I am from a very raid active alliance called Dinosaur Warriors United. We have members from all over the world, quite a few from Europe as well, I am from Germany. We have 3 L20 sancs, 8/10 minimum weekly incs, 8/9 tournaments. I think you would fit nicely to our group, so hope to see you soon. Discord is mandatory though, to get the raids coordinated accordingly.

Long Neck Challenge would also welcome you. We are an international alliance as well, and part of ARK so we have 3 Level 20 sanctuaries. We can also complete all raids within the alliance.

We get Rank 9 Defence and Rank 10 Exploration incubators each week and Tier 8 in 5-week tournaments.

Discord is also mandatory for us. Do you have Discord?

Please “direct message” me if you are still looking for a raid active alliance so I can share more details of our alliance. We do have people from across the globe. Also, one of our officers is from the UK who is a highly active raid player. Thanks.