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Seems a common issue

So I tried to bond my account to facebook to clear the notification in the game. Now I’ve lost all my progress. I’ve tried logging into my google play account, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and just about everything else I’ve seen suggested to no avail.

I was level 13 and had tons of legendary dinos, I was ranked 7 in my clan, and have been buying VIP time for years probably spent a couple hundred if not a thousand or more on the game. And now nothing.

I’ve emailed support but only got the automated “we have a high number of tickets nonsense”

What is the likelyhood of getting my account back? I have screenshots from my girlfriends account of my profile, receipts, screenshots of dinosaurs I’ve unlocked when I unlocked them and a slew of other stuff but it doesn’t appear ANY of my screenshots have my old support key in them.

My next VIP payment is on December 5th and if I can’t get my account back I’ll be canceling it. Will I hear from support before then?

They usually do get back within a few days at most. There’s a high volume of tickets because of some alliance reward mishaps. They seem to go in order with responding, first come first serve manner. Also, weekends are slower to respond from my experience.

That sounds messed up, good luck.

I’m scouring my screenshots to try and find my old support key because apparently that’s what is easiest to restore an account, It’s honestly murder seeing my account and my team lined up in my alliance and not having access to it.

The good news is that you can get your in game name and number from the alliance list. That will get the job done when you don’t have the support key

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thank the gods for that because I’ve been going stir crazy over this. I’ll await my response from support then.

Hey Reizorc, I’m sorry to hear that happened with your account. Once our team gets a chance to see your message, they’ll be sure to assist you further with this.