Seems we're on an erlikogamma chase now

Just caught an erliko g2.

yes we are

sweet. i’ll take all the erliko i can.

My Spyx will appreciate it.

I already have plenty, but I’ll take more. Someday I wouldn’t mind leveling Erlikogamma up to 30, just as a side quest kinda thing.

it’ll most likely get a hybrid eventually so it’s good to stock up

Yeah but I’ve already got the team I want to use for a looong time. I’ve unlocked Erlikogamma through an epic strike.

i have the gotta catch’em all mentality so i’ll definately get it even tho i won’t use outside events

I focus on the team, and any other critters I gather DNA for will probably be used when I max out everything on the team. Though I sometimes trade DNA I don’t use for DNA I need.