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Segnosaurus Bracketed Tournament - 7/20 - 7/23

Hot on the heels of both it’s own Clash of Titans and the Rhomaleosaurus VIP Tournament, comes the Segnosaurus Bracketed Tournament. It is a 4 day, weekday, bracketed tournament, a combination I have never seen before. The lower bracket gives a single copy of the creature while the top bracket provides an unlock. As always with bracketed tournaments, start your battles with higher level creatures. I recommend level 40 super-rares.

The most previous Segnosaurus tournament was an Aquatic one and requires 679 trophies and ran 3 days. As I posted earlier on the Weekly Schedule page,

the weekday circumstances MIGHT suggest that the trophy requirement is less than a typical Jurassic tournament, but the evidence is rather thin. Additionally, we only have data on one 4 day tournament: the Woolly Mammoth tournament the week of 5/20/19 which was a Rules Tournament and required 1556 trophies. We do have several other tournaments than ran 4 days, 5 hours. Those required between 1200 trophies (Ceratosaurus, 4/6/20) and 1785 trophies (Metriaphodon, 8/12/19), with most of them falling in the 1580-1785 trophy range. There is also a Mods tournament that required 1109 trophies, but I would not lean on that data point as Mods tournaments are a separate beast. All of that to say, it’s WAY to early to make a prediction, but I would start by aiming toward 1500-1600 trophies.


If it’s four full days then I can probably make it to 1.5K trophies without many PvE sacrifices, having opened up Acanthostega’s CoT a few moments back. I would actually be okay even with the Predator Prize.

Thanks @Andy_wan_kenobi for making this post!


How do bracketed tournaments tend to run trophy wise? High? low? who knows?

Morning run for me

1st is 577

I’m in 74th with 350, after 1 legit although stupid loss and 2 disconnect battles.
Things started out with lvl 40 legendaries for the most part for opponents for me, didn’t pick up much until top of Pred.

100th is 257

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The bracketed nature of the tournament typically does not seem to affect the trophy requirement, although it is easier to get trophies since most matches generate 40 trophies once you get approximately to Hunter League.

FYI, for those who are new to the Heavyweight Division of a bracketed tournament or have forgotten, here is my opening battle.

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Some data. I used most of my teams, but ran out of time. Seems like the top at least is moving faster as I didn’t make #1, but normally I’m around 600.


I am very frustrated because my opening match in survivor league my opponent is Yudon , Baryonyx and metriaphodon while I use super rares lv.40 so it seem very large gap between me and opponent. :sleepy:


I used a normal weak sauce team and just quit.

Went straight to my Dom level teams.

@Timmah I faced legendary hybrid 4 times in rows until I asked myself that Is it a survivor league or Dominator ??



This is a bracketed tournament,I suppose this is your first one in heavyweight? This is my 2nd one in heavyweight, get used to it,all the battles are like dominator


Had you pinged me? It stated so?

Did a morning run on my daughters game after having second thoughts of doing it. She has a lvl 30 Segno and a spare lvl 10. But it still seemed worth it in the long run to just do the tournament.

My game has a decent jump on her dino’s in ferocity but she still has some decent dino’s and a fairly deep and balanced bench. Her top dino is like a lvl 15 Eolambia I think.

Either way, her matches started out way easier than mine and never really got difficult. After the 1st 2 matches using just under lvl 10 VIPs i had to start backing off on how strong of dino’s i was using, and started using more lvl 30 Legendaries for a few fights.

Again the battles never really got difficult but i had to just keep using the decent dino’s she had available i could win with which were only netting her 32 trophies even in Dom.
I used pretty much everything she had available, even resorting to a few odd ball teams just to use them up.

In the end her game ended up in 43rd in Dom with 457 trophies. Probably about where i should have been without my disconnects and 1 stupid loss but it definitely took her a few extra wins to get there due to low trophy rewards.

1st on her game is 601
100th is 269

Is your daughter’s game in Heavyweight?

Don’t know, ill check

Where does it say?

Edit: I see now it is based on your level, and yes she would be in heavy weight. Park lvl 74. But for sure her battles and match ups were way easier than mine by a long shot so i would think there has to be some other factors at play for the match making.


I would have considered that an easy match too!

Bracketed tournaments bring tougher/Dom level dinos at all brackets.

I’ve used up pretty much all my big guys. Lost some battles, but on the bright side every win seems to be 40 trophies.
Some data

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omae wa mou shindeiru 7 matches in row so during the match I use calculator to predict attack of opponent team

And When I played in Dominator I become like this picture below :rofl:

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How does one hide the names of all tournament players?

1st run, no problems. Pretty sure the game didn’t count a win after the game crashed after I got the spin wheel prize, trophies looked the same to me.

Thug Life

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First time on top of Dominator! and with a decent lead too…

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