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Segnosaurus Tournament 4/26 - 4/29


This thread will be for discussing the tournament this weekend. Good luck to everyone!

Looks like no limits or rules so far other than using Aquatic creatures.


As always Central Europe is the first to finish the day of a tournament. Here is my result.

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As always, got to Dominator, then got trounced.

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Well I easily made it into Predator even with one stupid loss but didn’t think I would be able to get further than that when I got trounced on my first attempt to get higher, but just scored a win to sneak into Dominator again. I know better than to even TRY at that level so will wait for it to level me back down again which based on the previous ones will be at least a day. Seems my efforts to build up my aquatic lineup since the last tourney definitely have paid off, and this is the first time I have enough to make 2 or 3 attempts to get past the much-better stuff it will throw at me, so there’s definitely a chance I might be able to finish there from what I’m seeing, with a little luck and good strategic play. Would have been nice to get a decent prize as rare as hitting the Dominator level is for me, but no such luck, just a crappy gold reward again.


Hhm, actually this one seems to be moving noticeably faster than the last Cenozoic one. Dropped about 20 positions already from when I posted.


Made it into dominator with one loss, and now comes the smack down… right on time -_- thing just throws all the counters for my creatures.


In the past I’ve waited until I got knocked to the bottom or out of Predator but decided to give it a try this time as soon as I dropped out of Dominator, and glad I did, as I won on my first try to move back up! I’ve definitely come a long way in beating much better dinos in these matches, I think I may just have a chance to finish at the top if I just keep riding the cutoff point, but will have to see how it goes over the weekend when there tends to be a lot more activity. And also FINALLY nailed a nice prize off the Dominator prize wheel, 1000 DNA. Not bad, not bad at all.


I’d be curious to see what kind of lineups those of you that can get to the top of Dominator are working with. I know people don’t put nearly as much effort into these aquatics and they haven’t been around as long, but I’d be curious how far behind us newer players are.

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I got 1000 DNA as well from the dominator wheel too. At least the endgame match rewards seem to be solid this time around

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These were a couple of my Dominator fights.

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Cool thanks, that’s definitely closer than I expected, I have the same two creatures as my top, I just haven’t leveled them up that much, so that I have more of them at the lower levels to play with than just 1 of each at the higher. And of course, crappy reefs. But it wouldn’t take me much at all to get to these next time around.

Were you able to win the second one? That’s a matchup I would probably lose. I’ve sucked really bad on the PvPs I’ve done today and had to finally quit before I broke something. :wink:


Won both matches.

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Friday run. Easy to get into Dominator League. Once there, however, it was the land of hybrids, VIP, and tournament level creatures (none of my legendaries are at 40, save one). Still got 6 or 7 victories out of it. Good luck to all.


Sitting at rank 3 in my bracket with 360 trophies (going to try and stay behind rank 1 currently at 366 so I don’t mess up any of my graphs)

So far once in Dominator a ferocity team average of 3,550 - 3,790 has netted me 32 trophies a win with some wild matchups including one where I was out matched by 51%.
Some of the matchups for this:

I crept the the Ferocity team average down and a score of 2,730 - 3,400 netted 33 trophies but much more manageable battles which was strange since one of them was against a team with a 54% advantage but it was the class make up that allowed me to take the win.
Some of the matchups:

Rank 100 in my bracket is sitting at 165 trophies.


If you don’t mind, I’d love to know the battle steps for how something like that second one went that you were able to win. The lineup as it stands is certainly winnable, but I assume that the computer is going to swap for the cave right at the start, that’s where I have trouble figuring out the best approach and don’t seem to get it right most of the time. I’m guessing at some point you would swap as well but not sure when is best to do that.


Yeah I have 167 and sitting in 5th in Predator. Tried a couple matches but getting opponents that are almost 3 times mine in ferocity, so will have to wait until I drop much lower. Definitely much harder matches than earlier in the day.


A VIP battle with aquatics while the tournament is active.
This is so unfair.


Here we go again, game is grabbing all the counters to my creatures every time i try to battle and is operating like it knows my every move. These tournaments are a joke


Oh and im only second in predator after i dropped from 90th in dominator when i woke up.