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Segnosaurus Tournament 4/26 - 4/29

Morning run

@Sionsith, I appreciate your restraint for the sake of your numbers. You’re better than I am.

If the AI thinks you’re not bring appropriate creatures to the battle, it can get awfully clever


I must be dumb because i still have no idea what “ferocity” and “appropriate” creatures means in this game.

I keep thinking it relates to their rarity and/or category (i.e carnivore, herbivore), yet it doesnt seem to be the case.

I dropped down to 13th in predator league, so i figured itd be a bit easier now. Boy was i mistaken because it still grabbed all VIP counters and knew all my moves to the letter.

@mzumbo some light reading for you if you want to get a better understanding of some of the mechanics The De-Mystifying of Ferocity... Hopefully :)

Also if you go back over some of the other weekly tournament threads there are lots of posts that go into detail about how the tournaments operate.


@Sionsith does a great job with the technical details of ferocity on this thread

The De-Mystifying of Ferocity... Hopefully :)

But the long and short of it is that ferocity is the sum of health plus 3.2*attack. This is the default way to sort creatures and appears to be the basis for PVE battles. As for appropriate ferocity during the tournaments, Ludia has established an appropriate ferocity level for each tournament level (hatchling, prey, dominator, etc) and sometimes there appear to be levels within levels. That’s why battles get harder the higher in the tournament you go. As far as I know, no one knows how Ludia establishes this breakdown. The only way to determine if a lineup is appropriate is to try it out. If the AI sends overwhelming force against you, you have not used a team with high enough ferocity. Consider it feeling insulted. If you have a team that is too good for the level, you don’t win many trophies. Sometimes you get an opposing lineup where if you get all the breaks you might win. This means your lineup probably isn’t good enough, but not insulting, as you will probably lose but not embarrass yourself.


@Tommi -you beat me to it. Yes, really unfair to throw that aquatic VIP at us. For me it may mean completing that event or holding onto my loose grasp of a bottom spot in Dominator. I don’t think I’ll be able to do both, depending on how fast the tourny runs over the weekend.


My second day.

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I’ve definitely noticed the “levels within levels”. I’m still getting way outmatched in the top 20 spots of Predator but somewhere below that, the matches become much more winnable if I play my match well. That win so far has been enough to net me enough trophies to just sneak back up into Dominator. I specifically held off leveling up my best dinos so as to get two chances at it if I screw up rather than just one but that still doesn’t leave much room if I get a bad lineup or try to battle too soon. With so little leeway to make mistakes, I’ll take quite a lot of pride if I’m able to finish in Dom, but the pair of legendaries you get out of Predator is still nothing to sneeze at.


Dropped down to 40th in predator, figured id try some battles to level back up. No, still getting VIP hybrids and tournament creatures at maxed level(almost) thrown at me. Im down with this tournament, its clearly not worth it this time around

I think im getting what you’re saying now. I guess my line up is really weak from the sounds of it.

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Based on what I’m seeing, to win consistently in Dominator, you need level 20 hybrids, VIPs, and tournament level creatures. Level 30 and 40 legendary MAY also work. If used correctly, high-ferocity level 40 super-rares can als ok have their place


I definitely wouldn’t worry about one tournament… if you don’t have the level of creatures to get into Dominator, the Predator reward of paired dinos is probably going to be just as, if not, more beneficial for you as it is for me. I could still level up what I have to do better in this tournament (I left my pair of Tylos at level 1 for instance) but having learned on here that doing so would make my regular aquatic PvE battles much harder due to having a few dinos way above the rest and for me, that’s a tradeoff that’s not worth it. It may take longer to be able to kill it in tournaments, but considering how much less frequent they are then the regular PvE battle events, I definitely am sticking to the advice to build up your depth of dinos and go slower on leveling up at the top and as a result, there’s not yet been a PvE I couldn’t complete fairly easily.


A few more battle line ups in Dominator:

my teams average ferocity score AFS = 3,476 vs my opponents AFS = 4,650, 34% advantage to my opponent, got 33 trophies for the win.

My team AFS = 3039 vs my opponent AFS = 3595, 18% advantage to my opponent, got 34 trophies for the win.


Interesting what you describe getting at spot 40 in Predator, I just played from that same spot and not seeing anything like VIP hybrids almost maxed. Not sure how to get a screenshot in the second before it jumps into the battle, but while they are definitely noticeably better than what I have, and probably some tourneys in there, they are at levels that I can still potentially defeat, albeit not a given by any means. I did win my match on the first try… unfortunately waited a BIT too long (am trying to do the VIP battle as well which requires using the same aquatics so had to wait for cool down) so that win left me just short of Dominator, 9 trophies below in spot 7 so will have to try again when I get to around 30th, hopefully a win from that spot will get me back to the top, but concerned based on the difficulty of this one that it might be getting over the point that I can still win. We’ll see. Even having a shot at Dominator is pretty cool, never expected it being so new still, I’m fairly sure my land dinos are not anywhere near yet where they’ll need to be to do the same.

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Nice…those all look like very reasonable matchups. I have seen some similar ones even in Predator when I tried to play from the top spots. Needless to say, I got trounced (I felt I was doing good to take out two of them before he got me).

@Mary_Jo the battle up above in my last post I can give you a brief run down of how it went.

Me: Swap my Mosasaurus in
O: 2 attack
Me: block 2
O: Attack 2
Me: Block 3
O: Attack 3
Me: Block 3, Reserve 1
O: Attack 3, Block 1
Me: Block 3, Reserve 2
O: Attack 3, Block 1
Me: Attack 3, Reserve 3 (killed the Bananogmius) The AI didn’t swap out because it saw it could kill my creature with one hit so it figured there was no need to swap out.
O: Attack for 4 (it thinks I used all of my remaining reserve to block so it goes for four since 1 hit will kill me but it needs to get through my potential 3 blocks) Kills my Mosasaurus.
M: Swap in my Dakoderma (uses 1 point) of my 7, use 3 Attack, 3 reserve (kills O Dakoderma)
O: Attacks for 3 (kills my Dakoderma) but at this point the game is already over based on what creatures are left.
M: Attack for 7 with my Rhomaleosaurus, game over for my Opponent.


Interesting, thanks for taking the time to share that! That looks pretty similar to what I do at the top of the round, it’s usually the later rounds that I still often guess wrong in terms of if the AI will block or reserve, there’s definitely some patterns to it, but sometimes as others have observed sometimes it really feels like he has inside knowledge of what I’m doing. :wink:

It seems like the vast majority of time if I did a swap like your first one, the AI would immediately swap to match (in this case for the other surface) and other players have said that they would not swap their first no matter what just because of a class disadvantage. I’ve been trying to find the right balance for when to do it and when it’s not worth it, and try to think ahead to how it will affect the entire lineup for the rest of the battle. One issue I also have is not being able to see the stats for the opponents other than for about a second. Is there a trick to getting around that? Or is it just a matter of knowing you can deal with whatever it is when you get to it?

I always just try to think of them in magnitudes of 100’s or 500’s for the really big Land PvP. I generally dont worry about the hangers. For instance I couldnt see the Dakoderma but in my head was thinking it had 2000 health and 1400 attack and I could barely remember the Stxyosaurus but remembered it had about 2000 health and low attack, less than 500, but could not remember the exact numbers. I just ball park it and look for the most dangerous in the line up and make sure I get close to what they had.

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Thanks, yeah and I expect after you play long enough you have some idea on stats just from knowledge of the different dinosaurs, certainly which tend to have high health vs. attack and vice versa.

Way to go Tommi. Looks like this tourney will be a breeze like the last one.

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