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Segnosuchus be like

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Segnosuchus’ attack is REALLY high, but I can respect that because we NEED better cunnings.
Speed needs to be nerfed if it’s gonna have speed decrease immunity, probably 119.

I think segnosuches should instead be a legendary

Why? This seems too op to be a legendary.

Realisticly shouldn’t be this op in the first place

Also not sure why it’s using gorgo as a component if u have postimetro, and posti still has space

Wdym? Gorgosuchus and postosuchus have hybrids, I think gorgo deserves this one. I do think that it shouldn’t have that PFS AND speed immunity but that’s just me.

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I mean postosuchus still has space for another hybrid

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Doesn’t gorgo tho too? It only has megalosuchus

Yeah, but hybrids rarley seem to get 2 superhybrids, the only ones i can think of on top of my head are nodopato and indom

I gave it speed immunity because we need more good cunnings and one of the reasons one of the only good cunning’s in the game, magnapyritor, is really good is because if it’s high speed and speed decrease immunity. Gorgosuchus is immune to speed decrease and it’s only hybrid is megalasuchus which isn’t that good. The main reason I chose Gorgo instead of postosuchus, although it’s also immune to speed decrease, it’s dna is already being used for postdimetrodon which then goes to tryostronix. Gorgos dna really isn’t going anywhere so it’s better for it to get the hybrid. image Although this change might make it more of a wildcard than a cunning fierce, I combined Gorgosuchus Group ferocity and cleansing into one move to have more for it to break sheilds and be more useful in raids.

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