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Selected Battle Team four chosen... random?


Maybe I Missed the post, but I seem to have the same lineups every time I go into the Dino Doom Dome and didn’t know if…

(well if anyone else happened to…)

… if the dino rarity/DMG/Skill negation like stun-speedup-nullify-ETC… had a effect for more balanced battles?

I circled my three who almost guaranteed are selected every time in yellow. I would prefer those in blue and the replaced seats they’d take. Green circle Dinosaurs are the two wild card fourth.

Obviously I can swap the other’s out but I think it’s a stupid to do that…

… and I just got those three besides the headbutt-unicorn this week. So pretty stoked.


RNG really likes to bless you with one of weakest possible lineups. That’s why I make some changes when repeatedly get blessed with one of my worst possible lineups. Recently I changed Gorgo for Trago as I got glass cannon squad choosen too often.

Don’t see which dino from your bench would add something to your lineup. Maybe change Alanqa or Monomimus. First is only for countering I-rex cloak and absorbing huge hits when swaping, Secons needs to be high level and keep dodging to be effective.

Got Para to lvl 20, but still have no intention to put it in lineup, as it just isn’t good enough.

You have only one nullifyer, no bleeder and only one real tank. You should work on Monostego and Stegodeus if you can do both. First Monostego as it’s nullifyer and a tank. Bleeder would help you send running opponents hard hitters and tanks.


I am not huge on the bleeding types, rarely loose to the ones trying to drain my fluids. Lol

I am climbing up the ranks with slight losing streaks because of my own stupidity.

I just wanted to make sure there was an actual REASON why I have the same few every round.


Have you tried moving the same creatures in the lineup/use different windows? I have wondered if their placement in the windows affected their priority.
I often get the same dinos, although I seem to have only two teams chosen for me, the losing streak team and the win streak team. Fairly balanced team, but rng can pick the 4 worst possible choices in matching against the opponent team and it seems to happen with some schedule.


I swapped them about before reading this response and I actually seemed to get a more mixed set.

“More” is a bit of a stretch…

Slightly more mixed up as well as four creatures of eight are allowed