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Selecting which dinosaur appears after an automatic swap

Is there a way of selecting which dinosaur appears after an automatic swap?

I have frustratingly lost a number of battles when a dinosaur of mine has used an automatic swap move, only to be replaced by a random member of my team while a perfect dinosaur remains unused.

For example, I used my phorusaura rampage and run move but it was automatically swapped for a raptor (which then took a rampage and died) while my dracorex was left unused.

Surely players should be allowed to choose which dinosaur their automatic swap is swapped for? Is this possible?

It’s not totally “random”, it’s simply the next dino in line after your swapping dino… So let say that your swapping dino is the 2nd one in your 4 dinos line up, then, when swapping, whatever is the 3rd dino will come in.

So, if you’re battling a tower, then you can definitively make sure that your follow up dino will be the one you want. But for typical battles (where the dinos are selected randomly) then, you have no choice, whatever is following your swapping dino will be next. But at least, you know what it will be, so if you know it’s useless, don’t use swap, but if you’re lucky enough to have something like Dracorat next, then you swap…