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Selection of opponents in the arena

Excuse my english. I speak another language.

Please, let’s stop the players who are lowering their rating in the arena. They go down and humiliate weak players. In this regard, weak players see various imperfections in the game, but in reality the problem lies in the selection of opponents.
I know,
that the matchmaking system will be changed in the update. It seems to me that this will only aggravate the situation. I offer bonuses to those players who stay in their arena for a month. This bonus should be sufficient to prevent strong players from escaping to the lower arena. Incubator rewards for winning battles should also vary.
so that players have a sense of staying in their arena.
Or, the monthly reward can be issued once a week to prevent opponents from downgrading their rating so quickly. By the way, then there would be more various awards. It’s good?

This is my opinion. I am trying to find a solution to the problem. Sometimes enemy creatures are 10 levels different from my creatures.
Sometimes it seems to me that ignoring the rankings would be optimal; selection of opponents can only be based on the strength of the team.
What do you think about this? What suggestions do you have? Do you find this useful?
I would like to make my favorite game better in this regard.