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Self Created Challenges


I like creating challenges for myself in PVP battle. To share one I attempt daily, this is my 3x4 challenge!

4 matches
Each match uses three of the exact same dinosaur. Max score 4/4. Cost is 20 dino bucks per challenge. The hard part is the class advantage, disadvantage potential.

You can pick and choose which dino you use, but it must be three identical dinos in each PVP. Each round is a different class. I typically use level 40 commons.

For today, my line up was:
Round 1, herbivores: Level 40 triceratops
Round 2, amphibians. Level 40 labyrinthodontia
Round 3, pterosaurs. Level 40 alanqa
Round 4, carnivores. Level 40 majungasaurus

Today’s score: 4/4
Winnings were,
Round 1, 20 bucks and 20 bucks
Round 2, 5700 food, 25 DNA
Round 3, 17,100 food, 100 bucks
Round 4, 40 loyalty points, 34,125 coins

This one looked tough.

Anyone else do similar challenges? If you try this, what’s your score/winnings?