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Self-Increase Week Speculations #3

We’re back with a new them to update. You voted for Self-Increase this time. Before I make my specs, lets see what makes a Creature in the Self-Increase Week

  • MUST have a Damage Increaing Attack

  • (Optional) Must have a armor or shield breaking move

Now that we know what can go, let’s get started.
Commons: Nunda, Irri G2, Archaeo
Rare: Gorgo, Irri, Bary G2, Enteldon, Posto
Epics: Bary, Posmetro, Gorgosuchus
Legendary?: Megalosuchus
Well If you think something needs to be added or taken away, tell me. See you till Friday or Saturday.
What theme should be next?

  • Immune
  • Fast
  • Armor + High Hp ( 2 in 1, takes longer)

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Sorry If I names it wrong

You have basically cited the Self Increase incubators that get rolled out on the map periodically. Shame we don’t get to dart them though

I think fierce refers more to having DS rather than increase

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Ya you kinda got a point, I’ll just call it self-increase week

What about mammoth?

Mammoth can, but he really doesn’t nees to be in it.
Mammoth is more an exclusive and should not be in a week that is more common to see.