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Self Report Window Closing?


Hi all,

Did everyone get this message I’m their mail? I’m a little confused. I’m hoping this is just a general reminder for everyone. I don’t cheat, so I’m just curious if anyone else has it.


Message in game

I assume so, since I never cheated (I’m not really a gamer at all, I wouldn’t even know how) and I got it as well.


Yes, the message was sent to everyone.


Anyone else just got a message in the game and you click it and it takes you to the forum??


Ya it was sent to all. Basically its letting cheaters know they have one chance to fix their account before it gets banned.


I got it and i know for 10000% I never spoofed or cheated… I have the sunburn to prove it… lol. I assume it was sent to everyone… However if you’ve cheated I’d suggest you self report. :innocent:


I got it too. Never cheated any game except chess with my ex husband and I had a major sneeze that sent the board flying. I am a bit annoyed by the implication here, though. I didn’t even hear if geolocation cheating until this game


Me too and I’ve never cheated.


Im not gonna lie i was worried :joy: I was like “wait im really high in arena at 4400 trophies but I only have a 17 indom and my only high lvls are stegos if i cheated id have indo and 90% of my epics woulfnt be lvl 11-13”

I feel better now :joy:


I got it too and ive never spoofed either…heck, i dont even know how…


Wow, that’s a pretty high trophy count for having only a lvl 17 indom. Good job!


I know I’m not a cheater, I had to google spoofing to find out what it was —-> feeling old :older_man:t3: :joy::joy:


I never cheat but this morning they send me a reset form to confirm and I cancel it, don’t know why?


@CsassultTKO It went out to all players! Don’t worry be happy :smiley:


I never cheated and it still makes me nervous :joy: it’s like if you see the police you start thinking … I definitely haven’t committed any crimes have I?


Definitely nervours, and I sent them a reply saying that I am not a cheater :sweat_smile:


OMG that’s funny cause it’s so true! (By the way Carl that is textese that means Oh My God so I don’t need a dictionary :joy:)

I’ll be driving along singing a happy tune when they pull in behind me and my brain explodes

If you change lanes and they follow you that is the time to worry :scream_cat::joy:


Not nervous one bit, got my confidence shoes on :slightly_smiling_face:


What size are your feet I may have to steal them


9s, don’t worry I got you, sharing is caring