Sell Items Issue

There are some items that have never come up for a sale option in over 2 months.

Seems like only some items come up and others haven’t. I have several now closing in on 2,000 cards of it and none of them ever come up as an option for sale.

Anyone have this issue of certain cards having never been an option to sell?

you only get to sell items that you have less that half for the next level from what ive gathered. if you’re stocking common items past the point of an upgrade, they will never be available to sell.

This is excellent insight and matches my experience as well.

If true, That’s stupid.

At least now I know.

I am almost positive I’ve sold cards when I was over halfway to getting the level up on it, but don’t ever recall getting the opportunity for something that was ready to level up. I’ll keep an eye out and screencap if I get something over halfway though. Never really paid that much attention TBH.

Finally hit some sale offers over the halfway mark. Have to remember to grab one that was over.

I frequently can sell cards that I have hoarded well beyond the next level.

wow, I wonder then if it’s numbers, I have many commons that I have hundreds of and they never come up for sale. personally I’ve never seen any commons that I can sell that I have more than 200 of.

I will agree with you there. I’ve yet to see any item that I have hundreds of for sale.

I have one common item that I have 1200 of, would love to sell off that!

Wish they would provide clarity on things like this.