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Selling 1*Star Dragons for fish

I think it could be a good idea selling Dragons for fish or maybe Gold.

I have so many 1 star dragons from eggs but no fish.
My fish is mostly near 0 and 1 star dragons bring not much to level in other dragons.

What other players think about it?


Fish, gold or scales would be nice. Maybe a trade station that let you trade in one 1 star for 1000 fish or gold or two 1 star for one scale of either a random color or the corresponding color.

If they really wanted they could make the trade station flight club exclusive, since I kinda feel there aren’t enough perks to justify the price for it atm.

Or it could also be tied to the clans somehow where every alpha you beat of a specific color would let you trade in 1 star dragons for that color scales until the next alpha spawns. That would add more incentive to beat the alphas, especially for smaller clans where the members might not be super active.