Selling dinos or dna or reset xp lvls


I have a lvl 1 tarbosaurus with over 900xp. I have been grinding losing streaks with my few low level dinos left, to get back down to mt. sibo and unlock secodontosaurus. Suddenly I get piles, and piles of tarbosaurus dna. But i want to keep it low leveled in case i need to work my way back down from the top after i get higher, in case there is a new dino later to unlock that i don’t have, like when the update put secodontosaurus in at mt. sibo, and i didn’t have it yet.

So I’d like a way to sell this excess xp/dna, or just sell this dino after i level it up, so i can catch another lvl 1 tarbosaurus. Or iguanodon for that matter, I didn’t need to level it up, but i got a ton of dna for one once and did it and i never really use the iguanodon. But if there was dino hybrids for either of these, i’d have reason to keep getting loads of dna and catching them in the wild again. By the way, did you know, that I see Gallimimus in people’s teams, all low leveled, like common dinos… but I have never seen one in the wild? I apparently missed it the other day as a lured dino. Oh well. I see a rare/epic almost every time I open the app… but not a “common” dino? Its just funny to think about.


Gallimimus is Arena Exclusive … Tier 8 one.


That is a heck of a climb for a common dino. XD

Odd that tier 8 would have it… when tier 3/4 has an epic lvl dino. XD

That reminds me… the iconic Brachiosaurus from the movies… i’m still waiting to see if its one of the 13 dinos i haven’t unlocked yet. Which i figured more than half are hybrids. XD