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Selling dinosaurs for lineups

Question: Does selling a strong dinosaur affect the next pve lineup? For example: if I have a lvl 30 indoraptor which is making the pve lineup extremely hard and my lineup is unbalanced compared to the indoraptor, can you sell the indoraptor and make the next pve lineup become easier?

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This is for the10 characters


Yes, because the matches the game gives you, unless it has a set requirement, is based off your top lineup.

So if you have a dino that is too powerful compared to the rest of your lineup, selling it would see your battles return to an easier difficulty.

However if you are doing it for a certain evemt I don’t think that it will change those opponents, so you might have to miss out on that event before things adjust to your new lineup.


Yes, but if it is possible the rest of the group could be catching up with the top sooner enough, than it would be wiser to wait while missing out some events like FfF which needs all of your top creatures, until the rest catches up as she said. :slight_smile: