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Selling dna


What if you could sell unwanted dna for the rarity of dna as well as how much.
E.g: Common=1, Rare=2,Epic=3 etc.
Mirigaia(1)x3000= 3000 coin

So what if that happened because that would mean that my 9000 irritator dna is gone for decent coin.

Hopefully that makes sense to Ludia and everyone else.

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You have 9,000 unused Irritator?!


Yes because there’s too much of in incubators and events.

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Gen 2 btw it’s too often in incubators

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Well, if you want to GIVE it away, I would be willing to take it ALL off your hands. Been burning through them for Fusing :smiley:

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Gen 2 yes, gen 1 no


Does your alliance not trade often? We trade common dna for coins all day.


Ohhhhhhhh- I thought you meant Gen 1…


I whole heartedly support this idea. I have too much useless dna nobody wants and need coins for what everybody wants.