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Selling My House and Moving


Okay, not really, but has anyone else ever looked at the map and wished they lived just a couple of blocks further over just so they could get the right DNA or be where a strike tower always seems to appear? Yeah, just me I guess…

There are velos and tarbos all over my neighborhood, but the only thing at my house is Majung the dinocorn…


You’re not alone. I too live in Zone 1 but wish so badly for Zone 2. I’m 220/250 for dilorach and I hardly ever see ourano.

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About a week ago I suggested as an L1 player Id be ok with them swapping Sino to L2 and ourano to L1.

Mind you this is more of a personal wish. But i also think it would allow more efficient hunting for the playerbase as a whole. Ideally it would be nice to see all zones have one unique they could build from there local in this case since dilo and dieno already spawn in a l1 moving ourano over. L2 is already home to draco so giving it sino works.

One could argue that l3 already has this with erlidom needing globals with their zone specific epic but its not really what I had in mind. L4 needs anky back.


That would be amazing. They need to give zone 1 something better because dimetro got replaced

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