Selling stuff you don’t need anymore to get more gold

How do I sell my old gear i will/don’t wanna use again so i can get more gold?

every 4 hours you can sell three different pieces of equipment (when you get a free chest) I only ever sell commons, and only if I am very far from upgrading it.

I wanna sell whole pieces/gear, like, i wanna sell all my stuff on my barbarian because i don’t use that character at all

you’ll eventually have to level up your barb. you will need renown levels to get your other characters to higher levels, and he gets used in the arena.

Ok i see it now, but here is the new thing, i am grinding up my warlock and barbarian with my 2 best chars but no gear drops at all for the warlock or barbarian so i only get 52xp/round, this is slowly killing my intrest for this game

yes, leveling up characters is a pain sometimes, hopefully you get a secret room, or a named room for them. the dice rolls at the end can sometimes provide the right drops.

It would be nice if the sell feature only asked for items you didn’t currently have equipped. So, maybe if I’m using the Rare Bow, you don’t ask me to sell it to you, since it’s equipped. Ask for the Common Bow that I’m not using, eh?