Selling the dinos you don't use


I think you should be able to sell the dinosaurs you don’t use. What about trading it just for raw DNA random DNA? Or, just have multiple line-ups.
Just an Idea. Anyone else agree


You mean like this?

Are we admitting we’re those people already? :wink:


awwwwww that feels so wrong, poor ankylo! :cry:


I’d like to have her as a pet. She can sleep on the king size bed LOL


Would be nice if there was a DNA Black Market type thing where you can trade in X amount of common DNA for Y rare DNA, and rare DNA for epic. Would keep Legendary/Unique off-market though so you always have to work for it.

Otherwise, at least you can stock up on DNA for these things in case a hybrid for it ever gets added? That’s how I’ve been looking at it.


Ah, I see. So we’re the gangsters and other unmentionables AT the auction. Gotcha. :wink:


Get me wire cutters!


That’s a great idea. Why didn’t I think of that? Lol


Would love to see a DNA marketplace. You put down a sell price with coins for specific Dino DNA and if someone decides to buy it, then the transaction goes through. Same thing if you put down a buy price.

Example: I may need 40 DNA of Utahrapto to level up. I place a bid of 400 coins for the 40 DNA. If someone looks up the Utahraptor market, sees the bid, has 40 to spare, can then accept the transaction.

Or, I have 2000 extra Nundasuchas DNA and want to sell for 200 coins. Someone would take it.

Would be so cool.