Selling the DNA


It would be nice if you could sell extra DNA. Because I’m at 7th level and I’ve got already tons DNA and not enough gold to evolve dinos. I guess that further it will be even worse: thousands of DNA that you will never use.


I agree, I think a fair way would be to be able to have a 2:1 exchange rate from one same-tier dinosaur to one of your choosing, and double it for every tier above it. So for example:
200 common -> 100 common
400 common -> 100 rare
200 rare -> 100 epic
100 epic -> 100 rare
And so on


I have improved my suggestion.
Let it be some market and every 3 common, 1 rare and 1 epic dinos are chosen so you could sell DNA only of these types of dino. These types will be changed once per 24h, so tomorrow you’ll be able to sell some others DNA. And let only one of it will be known.

For example: today you can sell only velocaraptor’s, iguanodon’s, diplocaulus’es, argentinosaurus’es and gorgosuchus’es DNA. Tomorrow you’ll be able to sell some others random DNA, but only one (f.e. einiosaurus) is known today.

It seems to fix somehow gold issue everybody has and add some sense to catch every dino you meet, not only few of them, that you use.


Agreed, there should be a way to sell DNA, I’m lvl 7 now and my main dinosaur costs 4k to upgrade. Seeing as how you get 50 gold from a drop point seems a bit unfair for those that don’t pay.