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Selling useless 1 star dragons

I know that this topic has been mentioned dozens of times, but I believe it really need to be addressed.

@Ned and @Marcus. There needs to be a way for us to be able to sell our unwanted 1 star dragon even for a tiny amount of fish (like 100 or 200 fish per dragon traded).

Because I’ve got so many 1 stars that are just chewing through my fish reserves, but giving barely any exp to the dragon I’m trying to level up.

Hey Cormac_Luker, thanks for the suggestion!

if you feed like ten one star dragons to the dragon that you are trying to level up, it actually helps you level them up.

Have you ever tried feeding 10 1 star dragons to a 5 star nearly maxed dragon. If you have you’ll know that it’ll only give you a single level if you’re lucky but cost you upwards of 100k fish, and the ability level is already maxed by then so you’re not trying to level that up. Waste of fish and gold in my opinion.

Near maxed 5star dragons are voracious beasts. Keep the small fry for leveling low stars or the big boys/girls while they are still low.