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Semi-New Player to the Game, Any Tips?

I first picked up the game 2 years ago, I played for a bit and got to level 40 before losing interest. Have gotten back into the game, got it on my computer since my phone crashes every time I load the game. I’ve noticed that the game is waaay different than the last time I played it. For one, a lot of the creatures you need for good budget hybrids (Labrinthosaurus, Pelecanipteryx, Carnoraptor, Tapejalosaurus) are locked. That being said, any tips for a new player? Currently level 14, not planning on buying VIP anytime soon.


Hi and welcome @SpinyLiving by your fellow non-vip forum member. The reason a lot of creatures are locked is because of the fact that they reshuffled the battle stage dinos. For example creatures like allosaurus and gigantosaurus were battle stage unlocks. But the game has now removed them from battle stage unlocks and i don’t think they are going to get an unlock either. You can get their copied from packs and tournaments but thats the only way since you can’t buy them. If u get vip u can get them more easily than a non-vip player but i know why you don’t want vip (i am a non-vip myself) oh wait did i already mentioned that? As for tips one of the things from my experience i would say is leveling up. If you are looking forward to maxing every creature im the game without being vip then your best option is to level up asap (as slow as possible lol). However if thats not your goal and u want to get stronger and make dominator finish teams than you should level up asap(as soon as possible). You will also suffer from lackage of coins and food but don’t worry about that! You know about trade harbour right? Its unlocked at level 50 and clears all your food and other problems (a reason to level up fast). Also theres a monolophosaurus unlock event today for players 20-54 so if you can get to 20 as fast as you can! Because its a really useful creature at early game and its hybrid and Superhyrbid are something people die for because it gets an unlock in like 2-3 months. These are the tips i can give you right now. And make sure to reach level 200 as fast as you can otherwise you are gonna regret it :))


Thank you for responding. Sadly, I do not think I will be able to unlock Monolophosaurus today. However, I did unlock Utahraptor, which will be good for Spinoraptor (even though Carnoraptor is better in every way) Missions are now a chore because they are forcing me to spend my precious DNA to upgrade dinos (I prefer to just get dinos through packs and save DNA for stronger creatures.) Any suggestions on what dinos I should be leveling early game?

(even though Carnoraptor is better in every way)
less in stats…
but invest in cheap hybrids rare,common…
and increase your coin production to do this :point_down: