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Sending creatures to hunt (PVE mode)

Would be interesting if in the future there would be a new PVE game mode where we could send our creatures in a jungle/other environment to hunt other critters and retrieve DNA. Maybe seen in first person mode, which would require fewer animations for the critter walking through the jungle or whatever area.

Well, there are tons of bugs to fix so this may never happen, but was worth a shot after a friend and I discussed what it could be like if this were a JWA thing.


I wished in the past for dino pets where instead of darting, we can send our pets out to attack and take down dinos. Rather than getting DNA from the dino we attack, we get some DNA for our pets. This way we could get more specific DNA we want. Then after getting so much DNA, our pets would be tired and need to rest a while before we could send them out to play again. So then what we could do is bring out a different dino as a pet for other specific DNA we need.


While I like that idea, it’s kind of odd from a story point of view. Unless you’re awarded DNA for your “hunting dog” from the DPG for capturing specific creatures.