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Separate arena, please

Doesn’t have to give any rewards (though counting toward missions would be nice). Make it level synced to 26, no boosts. Any dino goes. Could have an mmr instead of trophy count or something idk.

The problem I’m trying to solve for is this:

You introduce a lot of really cool creatures. But I cant use more than 95% most of the time. The weekly tournaments are fantastic, but only a few days long - and only certain creatures are allowed.

I’d like to just throw random stuff together and try out your new creatures please.

Thank you.


Asked for it a few times a year ago😅…still think that could be the best addition ever to this game. But realistically to be implemented i think o suggest to put a limit of 5 battles per day in this arena, otherwise people would play only in this arena because it would be way funnier, causing matchmaking problems in the normal one!!
But i’m totally with you, there are plenty of creatures that i would like to play…
The fact is that probably frendly battles are made for this. But it’s difficult to find people to play with for the majority of playerbase (they had to remove frendlies from daily missions due to complain)…
So, as you said

  • No boosts
  • Creatures set to lv 26
  • No rewards
  • No leaderboard
  • No trophy count

In addition i suggest:

  • 5 battles max per day (or anyway, a number battle cap)

Don’t Friendly battles solve this issue? They do count towards missions and anything goes, all level 26, no boosts.

Is the issue no one from the alliance available when you would like to battle so would like a larger population of available opponents?


That would be what I want. A lot of times my alliance members/friends are busy, even though they do try their best to accept battle requests when they’re received.

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That’s the point, in addition to the fact that you have to organize woth each other and take 15 minutes to do one eheh. My last friendly battle was like 3 months ago


There’s not much point in playing friendlies since they give no rewards. It can be fun, sure, but it takes you nowhere. That’s why it’s hard to find a friendly mate.

If it was a whole arena and not only added friends, and if it gave some minimal rewards, then people would be doing it a lot. The rewards could be some coins, maybe a chance to get some dna. Something like JWTG.


Not for me my friend. I want a nice big diverse base. I want to know that I’m not inconveniencing someone. I want to sometimes just binge 20 battles or more. I want to know the opponent isnt going easy on me because they know me. And I want to be able to hit a button and play anytime.


Yeah this is a neat idea. Friendlies get old with the same people all the time. Tournaments are a great addition and this would be a fun extension of that.

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Battling with no trophy reward/consequence should be ab option for everyone, at any time, with no limitation. I absolutely loathe the PvP in this game. It’s garbage, unbalanced and toxic. And it was before they even started this boost nonsense. I want my daily battle incubators, and I don’t want to have my trophy count drop by 200+ in a day because of unfair matchups, cheap swap metas, and RNG strongly against me in terms of lucky incoming crits and ZERO outgoing piercing cloaks or crits.

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