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Separate "Bank" and "Wallet/Purse"

Many of us have done it, accidently levelled up a creature or even worse pocket purchased a 1000 HC (or more) incubator.

People have asked for a confirm button but that has fallen on deaf ears - and in some cases could be annoying.

I would like to suggest an alternative - have a “Wallet/Purse” for coins and HC that purchases are made from and a separate “Bank” where you can store surplus amounts of coins and HC but you cannot use it to make purchases. You are then able to make minor purchases free of any restrictions and move across larger amounts when you want to buy something major.

This would be a relatively self contained change (just the addition of the bank) and would allow players to set their own safety nets.

[ In the interests of the new wave of positivity sweeping the forum :wink: can any comments please be restricted to thoughts on the idea and not simply “Ludia will never do it they like us to make mistakes” ]


I think it would be great for a happy positive fanbase!

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I’m all for this.

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Having to input a password before any purchases would solve your buying problem, a bit of a pain, but if Ludia won’t act so you should, wont solve your accidental level up of Dino though :joy:

I can see this happening. I would like this implemented, even though so far I haven’t made these mistakes, it’s only a matter of time before it happens to me.

That doesn’t help if it’s a HC purchase not a real world cash one

Probably not, but it can at least be used to prevent some accidents, never said it was the holy solution.

Accidentally wasting coins and DNA help drive sales and keep players needing to play longer, so a confirm button wont happen sadly.

Another simple fix would be to make a slider motion for level-ups and purchases rather than tapping.

Good one lol.


Player base overall is making money for a company. Happy players will spend money and lure even more players into the game to support a good company. Unhappy players will leave the company and even worse they maybe take some players with them out, they will literally find a better one. I just would like to say, they shouldn´t look at this problem like u are expecting “Players mistakes will earn money for us” because it´s definitelly wrong. They should listen to their player base and make them happy if they wanna stay in plus numbers in the market.

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