Separate Tab for Donation requests

Would be a great QoL addition to the in game guild chat if there was a separate tab for Donation requests. During events or updates when chat is more actively communicating. Requests for gear can get pushed way up the feed and missed. Or maybe if the Request could slide down and always stay stuck at the bottom of the feed while any chat could be inserted above all the requests so that they don’t get lost.

Also with the new Officers addition Co Owners can gift an additional upgrade but the Maximum amount of cards to be able to donate for the day didn’t increase. So free players that are also Co Owners hit the daily max super fast if they give 12 common or 4 rare to the first few requests of the day and can’t donate anymore till servers and daily gifts reset. Lately I hit the limit within 4-6 hours of server reset if I donate the max to guildmates. Seems like if our amount to donate went up a little the maximum to donate for the day could be increase a little as well.