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Separate tabs for chat and requests

Can we please have separate tabs for chat and requests? Not everyone in our alliance chats, others chat alot. It would be easier to just see requests to donate than to have to scroll thru multiple chats to see the requests


I actually like this idea. The chat cuts off after so many posts and gets cluttered by requests.

It should just work instead of how buggy it is now. And people should start to realize that what is typed in chat might actually be of importance to them, so READ IT!
It’s a pain to organize a casual alliance when people have this determination that chat should never be read. Having requests through chat is at least some way to make them read it.

That’s another good point.

It’s hard enough as it is for the alliance leader to get messages across to the team.
In game chat is so buggy, which I’m sure is down to the crappy servers Ludia use. So having a separate channel would theoretically make it twice as bad, and as Tielenaar says, those in the alliance who never read chat will ignore the chat channel.
Why not just use discord for those who want to chat?

Unfortunately many just scroll thru the requests without reading them anyway

I personally only chat in game so discord wouldn’t work for everyone. Not sure about other allegiances but if there’s nothing important to discuss, we actually have alot of friendly chats, which aren’t at all important. On days when I can only hop on for a few and want to donate, much time is wasted scrolling thru all the chats

Because it’s a third party app that annoys me. When I’m in the game I’m willing to chat, when I’m not I don’t want chat popups and distractions.

Can’t argue with that Tielenaar :+1:

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Needing a separate tab would help a lot. At times when members get extra chatty all dna requests get shoved into the clouds and missed.

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That’s what the “up” button is for, it skips one request up. Unfortunately this also doesn’t always work, but WHEN it works as intended, the chat + request screen isn’t that bad. It just almost never works, it’s amazing how long it takes for them to fix that. Almost a year now.