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Separating Tyrant Tier

Gamepress talked about separating tyrant, so how about we separated the tier ourselves and predict where each tyrant lands. Boosts are not factored and equal levels are assumed. This one is mine:

High Tyrant: Monostegotops, Geminititian, Dracoceratops, Trykosaurus, Erlikospyx, Erlidominus, Magnapyritor

Low Tyrant: Thoradolosaur, Diloracherius, Utarinex, Diorajasaur, Tenentorex

Feel free to create your own high and low tyrants. Just disable boosts and assume equal levels

Dio is definitely high tyrant


Hmmm… This is harder than I thought.
Assuming 6 and 6?
High Tyrant: Geminititian, Dracoceratops, Trykosaurus, Diorajasaur, Erlidominus, Magnapyritor

Low Tyrant: Thoradolosaur, Diloracherius, Utarinex, Erlikospyx, Tenentorex, Monostegotops

This is all based off experience, and usually dio in friendlies (for me anyways) dies relatively quick. Once i unlock it, ill play a friendlies game to re-evaluate it


High Tyrant: Tryko, Spyx, DC, Gemini, Monostego, Rinex, Dioraja,

Low Tyrant: Magna, Dilorach, Thor, Erlidom,

High Apex: Tentrex

High tyant: Diloracheirus, Erlikospyx, Tryko, monostego, dio, tenontorex, Rinex
Low tyrant: Geminititan, Magna,Erlidom, Thor
DC would definitely not be in tyrant because tyrant dinos would be very powerful and can beat creatures by staying in the battleground and by using their moves, DC and draco g2 are only in tyrant and alpha high because of their swap in ability, if they didn’t have their swap in ability then they would be in beta-hatchling


Dilo is absolutely a skill dino. As a revenge killer (which is it’s niche), it is unmatched. It’s faster than almost anything else of relevance, and can normally revenge kill, stun, rampage and run killing a second dino, and leave without taking any damage at all.

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Quite right, I’m surprised DC is anywhere near Tyrant. The fools that use it against me always use it turn two, and then lose. The games I lose are when the opponent doesn’t have the Rat in their random four, and they have to use proper* dinosaurs instead.

High tyrant: Monosteg, Tryko, Erlikospyx, Erlidom, Thor, Magna

Low tyrant: Geminititan, Dilorach, Rinex, Dio

Demoted to Apex: Tenrex

Demoted to somewhere below Apex: Rat

*I’m aware that none of this Tyrant stuff is actually a ‘proper dinosaur’; it’s all nonsense, but at least they are semi-sensible. A small Rat based on a Dino which was just over 2m long, bounding in and one-shotting Tyrannosaurids or Sauropods is just silly.

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It really is hard to break down the Tyrant tier because there is a decent amount of balance right now.
Now if we base a tyrant tier by observation of what the Top 40 players are using, we get a decent picture.

Please note this list is based on Top 40 player usage I made on August 15th.
Three Tiers.
Top usage Tier. Thoradolosaur, Trykosaurus, Dracoceratops, Diorajasaur.
There is a clear separation between these 4 and the rest of the pack in usage. Of note, Thor can usually beat the other three in this tier.

Middle usage Tier. Erlikospyx Dilo, MagnaPyritor, Erlidominus, Utarinex.

Of note: Teams that used to carry Erlidominus have been migrating over to Erlikospyx. Only 20% of the teams carry both Erlidominus and Erlikospx and 50% of those said 20% teams don’t carry Dilo. So I think it is safe to say that Erlikospyx is climbing up to the Top tier and replacing other dinosaurs, while Erlidominus is dropping.

Bottom usage Tier Tenontorex, Monostegotops, Geminititan.
So Geminititan has a use rate of just once, but it was by the best team at the time I did this survey. The components to make this dinosaur are very hard to get and clearly lots of hard work was involved in getting this creature to combat worthy level. Also when it first came out, it was barely passable, so it did not have a good investment rate among players.

Monostegotops does well in match ups but seems to be dropping off of teams.
Tenontorex is a guessing game dinosaur, where the correct choice can give you victory.
Other notes. Tenontorex is capable of beating all 4 of the top tier on this use list as well as Erlikospx.
Other stats: Only one team carried Monosteg and Tenontorex at the same time.
Teams that carry Monosteg, only carry Diorajsaur 33% of the time…
Teams that carry Tenontorex only carry Diorajsaur 58% of the time.

Usage outliers
Two dinosaurs not considered Tyrants are Quetzorion and Grypolyth… Considering the usage rate of 40% among Top 10 player rosters, this status might need to be revisited, especially for Quetzorion.

Of note: Quetzorion has park only components, besides the Tanycolagreus component which shows up every Thursday. In theory, with good shooting,a player could open about 60 to 100 epic scents in park areas at night and walk briskly around, and have a good chance of getting the rare and epic components needed for this creature to get to level 29 or 30. Of course that requires a stiff time commitment, a thick wallet, and a safe park to walk around at night with a bunch of supply depots in range.

Two other outliers of note for possible future discussion would be
Ardentismaxima and Procerathominus.


Why would Tenontorex be ranked lower than all of those? I can kill at least half of the ones you put above it.


That tier list is wrong where is brutus!!!


I wish they did not nerf boosts than brutus would be at 200 by now


Because tentrex is great in 1v1s, but it’s just complete and utter setup fodder. I used it on my team for a while and eventually dropped it, and I NEVER have problems with it in the arena. Give it 1 more speed point, and we have a potential true tyrant.

1v1 is what you would base the ranking on though, right? Speed doesn’t matter much unless you’re fighting Thor. I lose almost every speed tie so I’m dead in that match up. But if someone can win the speed ties, tenonto wins versus thor. It beats Erlispy in 2 moves. It can take down Dilorach depending on who wins the mind games. It beats Tryko and Dio. It can beat Monostego but that match up might depend on how each dino is played. Tenonto will beat most Monostegos though because of how people use it. Its hard to compare it to DC since that dino is used differently but it can beat DC. Maybe even 1-shot it with a crit. It loses to Erli but can also win with a crit on turn 1. There are plenty it can beat and can be beaten by, but Tenonto is much better than most people think. It beats a lot of those tyrant dinos.


Not just 1v1s, general performance.

No doubt it has great 1v1s, but it’s just so easy to set up on after a kill, unlike thor, who can hit with a hard IC on any speedsters trying to set-up on it.

I just made Tenontorex yesterday but only played a couple friendly’s with myself and used it on a couple strike towers. I like it so far. That one is definitely worth throwing some boosts on.

Tenontorex will force you to reckon with it used in the right scenario. It’s not a mindless swap in a boosted rat or Thor chomp. But if the stars do align at the right timing. It can wipe out a team. I’ve done it. I was 0-2 came back and won with it 3-2.

Funny thing is Zorion is like that too. If the stars align in the match both of them can do some hefty damage. Both park exclusives heh.

However, I think they both need a small buff. Because dodge isn’t as useful. And Tenonto didn’t get compensated for the crit nerf.

Both two of my favorite dinos btw. I call my ten “Penny”

That’s why Tryko, Dio and the rat play a role. Instead of free setup turn give a way, you can play around it to take advantage. Think about it. :wink:

What is wrong with that tier usage list? It is based completely on usage. I literally looked at every Top 40 team. I noted which dinosaur they used. I did a Top 10 count. A top 25 count, and a Top 40 count.

Because it does not have brutus