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September seasonal creature

When will the next pvp reward creature be announced? We’re almost in the end of the current season and nothing has been said about the september creature.

This one… Brachiosaurus

That’s from dailies, I think they are asking what we get from arena.


It’ll probably be Alanqa or Koolasuchus. Something great like that.

My bad. I misread the original post.

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It will be one great thing if you happen to battle in the first hour, and something much less if you battle after the first hour. Probably tenontorex if you battle quick, nundasuchus if you’re a little late…

I didn’t understand anything you just said.

See the strike tower thread where people who got it quickly got a premium incubator and everyone else got a bird scent…

Ooooo now I get it, thanks lol. I wasn’t the one asking though, just clearing things up.

You’re right, my fault, I replied to the wrong person.

I’m hoping for more Erliko.


  • sad naruto song *

The seasonal tournament ends tomorrow and nothing has been said yet

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