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September Seasonal Update?

The August Seasonal ends tomorrow morning (EST) and September Seasonal is supposed to start (the rules say “first Monday of every month, except when that’s a holiday”). Any updates / news / communication?

Will there be a September Seasonal? If so, what are the prizes? Will those over 5000 trophies see a reset tomorrow morning? Would be nice to know …

I’m guessing all will be revealed tomorrow.

The ‘just in time’ communication philosophy :grinning: No advanced notice necessary …

Maybe they will finally go back the the old orange drops or something different.

update coming. so, if no note about september, i guess they are gonna change something related to this kind of tournament for 1.9.

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I just wish they released these notes one week before the update. Just so we can soak in the information they give us and get excited for the update.

… Or maybe the Thursday before the update. Just one more day for us to try and prepare for whatever comes our way xD