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Serching for an aliance that welcomes me

Its urgent I am needing one good alliance cause I am trying to progress on the game and the majority of the aliances are like casual not ambicius and I am an ambicious player looking for one alliance

I have 4500 trophies
And doo around 1000 to 1500 points in the tournament ( whitout the bonus 1000)

One question, what is your team and your trophy ?

Team ?
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Yes and your profile in game

Guilherme #4552

U mean ur leving the “top tier alliance” u left us for when i got u into my one?

It was because I was going to stop playing for some time

MyVeryWaitJurassicfes leader arme # 1337 we are looking for high level active members if you are interested

And how good is your alliance

It says its full :disappointed_relieved: pls invite again

@Guilherme_Eugenio we have room if your still looking out alliance is Lost Legion

And how much do ya score in each chapionship

DO YA unlock the unique creatute in the championship incubator ?

Crimson Carnivores