Seriosu lag and freeze issues after the new update

Ater the last update my game suffers of serious lag whith most of the time resulting in freeze and crash of the game.
This used to happen after quite a while of playing, like 20-30 minutes or even an hour at best, but at least it was playable, now most of the time it freezes as I open any menu/tab, when I battle, when I open an incubator - literally everywhere in the game, which results in the game being for me literally unplayable; it starts working well, for just about 10-15 mins, after something like 4 to 5 restarts, and it’s starting to become frustrating, and don’t even let me start on how boiling hot my phone becomes after just 15 mins of playing.
I still like this game, but at this rate I don’t think it’s sane to keep on playing