Serious proposal for Ludia, how to make the arena fun again: Every arena should have an entrance with dinos in same level

Hey Folks,

During the day I’ve been thinking of the arena.

Many players agree that the arena is unfair and have problems.

Many players agree boosts could be a good idea, if you meet a player in the same level in the same arena!

My proposal for having a more balanced arena:

Introduce levels to enter the arena. In this way a team must be based on equality. Example an arena for level 20-22, 23-25, 27-29 and 30.

This would mean a opponent with level 27 dinos can’t reach the arena where level 20-22

Anyhow, ANYONE can be in ANY arena IF they use a team that belongs to the specific level.

From the perspective of boosts, its easier to accept an opponet in the same level WHO have a boosted team.

This idea is free and details I leave for other.

What you think?


Well that would be good, but ludia doesn’t listen. This has been requested many times. Way to fix droppers


It’s been discussed many times and every time the same truth is present, it cannot work and is not a viable solution. Player skill plays a role in how you get where and is a variable you can’t just ignore, if you can levels up or down you could trap players in arenas they have no chance in. You can have 8 level 30s and still be in library because of your skill level and you can have a team of level 24s and make it to gyrosphere. The system is imperfect but it is as fair and balanced as it’s ever going to be, people need to except that there will be unwinnable games and keep playing because the reality is if people were losing as much as they say on this forum they would fall back far enough where they’re the OP player with higher levels, it’s all perception


Many times I have suggested that the Arena should be level specific and only teams within the set level bracket can be played in that Arena. I think it is a good idea and would produce better match ups but generally for reasons no body seems to like it. :man_shrugging:


Probably because players wouldn’t be able to drop for easy wins, we’ve heard it on here many times that higher players can’t get matches because of timers , then rewards at that level aren’t any better , so instead of slugging it amongst themselves with harder matches ,they drop, no incentive to stay up ,so they drop because they can, I feel until that’s fixed the problem rumbles on.

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That has nothing to do with it, the top end players arent dropping it’s the 5500 to 6k players dropping and that’s not to pick up easy wins so much as it is to experiment, there isnt actually a lot of motivation to drop because it takes forever and you don’t get different rewards. It’s also overblown on the forum because those droppers have to lose for days to get to you so you and others got several gift wins in exchange for that harsh defeat

I think it actually is.

Every battle count as 1 match. To get a better team-incubator players need to battle.

So dropping could be a fast way to make many battles in short time.

Hmm… the community and players seems divided.

To have more tactical battles, the arena need to be in a better balance.

If arena was in better balance, I think dinos could find the arena…?!

Harsh lv caps imo aren’t the way to go.
A combination of better rewards in higher arenas and a soft lv cap like we have in raids would be a better approach. But that soft cap system requires Ludia to give stats for lvs 1-30 for all creatures.


For tactical battles creatures needs to be balanced enough. Capping arenas to certain creature lvls won’t help. Actually will probably make it worse. Balance is better than it was, but classes powers are messed up. Resilients shreds cunnings and many fierce. Fierce can beat cunnings.

You might win a lottery before drawing a normal playable team sometimes. Success is to much affected with draw.

Capping arena to same lvl creatures would unbalance it even more. Differently boosted teams, fully boosted teams against lightly or unboosted teams of same lvls would be even more unbalanced as it is now.

I believe the main issue here is Boosts. Whenever teams are compared, Boosts will be taken into consideration for all matches.

Hence by just looking at the creature levels on the surface just seem unfair. Your opponents teams may be unboosted or just mildly boosted compared to yours. A L20 creature with 5 boosts applied is considered as a L25 creature. You should expect to be matched with some lower or higher level teams in the selection process (maybe around 2-3 levels higher after considering Boosts).

Then comes the RNG issue of team selection i.e. which 4 creatures are selected for the battle. If your team is balanced i.e. the same amount of Boosts are applied to all creatures, then, you’re good to go. If those 4 selected are the weaker ones, then, the battle will be an uphill battle.

To lock players at specific Arena is just not a viable solution. At one point the player will be a punching bag to others that play more i.e. more active levelling up the team, etc. As a result, the player could not progress nor can the player fall to a more appropriate Arena(s) where his/her team is competitive. Then, they’ll leave.

I was once on the leaderboard. But despite being active I have to accept the fact that many others are more active than me and most of them spent real money on the game as well - something which I’m reluctant to do (spend too much on a mobile game). So, I have stagnated at some point and unable to progress. Those at the lower Arenas than me whom spend real money on the game and active will continue to climb up. Eventually, I’ll be matched against them and should expect to get my back handed to me.

So overtime, I’ll be pushed further down to lower Arenas with what looked like once a good team.

A caveat though - while I do expect a seemingly OP teams in Aviary or Library, but I do not expect L30 team of Uniques in Badlands or Marshes for instance. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to note that when I started playing in 2018, there was hardly any Legendary in Marshes or Lockdown. But now you can expect Uniques in those Arenas.

It shows how some aspects of the game has evolved over time.

In my suggestion boosted dinosaurs would count as higher level.

Still, you have same problem as now. Only difference is that lvls would be closer.

Capping arenas to lvls would create even worse situation. Some players would keep losing, but won’t be able to fall in lower arena to get matches where they could win. Creatures used and number of boosts and their distribution make a big difference.

Then you play a lower level team in a lower Arena until you can level up and/or boost your other team.

I will try to illustrate what I mean.

  1. You enter the arena

  2. You choose where You want to play.

  3. Every arena have a min and max level.

  4. Trying to enter any arena with a higher levled dino will decrease the dino to the max of that arena. Example: a lvl 30 dino become a level 22 dino in the first arena, in this example.

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Nonsense. Would be great only for all heavy payers with Lv30 overboosted dinos to smash my Lv30 medium boosted.
Another problem is how to recognize main squad with lets say 30-30-30-29-28-27-27-26 dinos? Which arena will be participating? Arena 26 bcs there is one 26 (so easily smash other players with 30) or Arena 30 bcs there are 3x30 (then loose bcs of low levelled 26-28)? Doesnt make a sense…
Logic is to count “Player power” based on 8 (or more) top dinos in deck (including boost) and give you opponents with similar power but current trophy system is kinda similar system: more you win = more power you have.

Up from certain trophies creatures in arenas are boosted and boosts are limited. Which means you get in boosted arena with unboosted team.

@Moksha You realize that what you draw in 60-70% decides the match outcome. In level capped arenas boosts build would make another 20-25%, rest will be about skill and luck.
Bulky Magna always loses to fast Magna.

I don’t say its good now. Just now you get to play against teams you can beat after run of loses. In capped arena, you could just lose until you are lucky to get AI. In arenas where is no pity AI that would mean that you could spend hours without a win.

In every arena there Will be another system that feel how the boosts are distributed.

In this way:

  1. You know You play in right arena with equaly leveled dino.

  2. You know You play against equaly strong dinos.

Target in this game is to achieve Lv30 dinos and try to play top league. With your system after every update when Ludia nerf half of my 30 dinos I will drop to lower arena because wont be able to compete anymore (if no others 30 for replace). This system in top arenas would be good only for players with fully evolved dinos and tons of boosts.

No. This is a target for SOME players.

This is why its a bad idea going for a level 30 team.

You like to spend millions and tons of boosts to see them not usefull?


Anyhow. Your 30 dinos can’t play on that level in lower arenas. It can become minimum a level 21 again if You choose to play in another arena.

And your boosts Will be applied and matched with equaliy members in that spectrum.

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