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Serious proposal for Ludia, how to make the arena fun again: Every arena should have an entrance with dinos in same level

Not sure about that.

Or explain how this mach just happend…

See any level 29 in my deck?
Or a lvl 27?

Total boosts from those 2 dinos and total boosts could NEVER be equal to a unboosted dimodac!

This match should never been played if people coulden’t bring their overlevled dinos to WRONG arena.

There is simple explanation for this. Majority of players play tournament. So there are less players in arena. Also some players rely on few overleveled and highly boosted creatures, cause they lack some battling skills.
You are also probably higher than you should be. You just hit the wall sometimes.

Was on my highscore 6130 beggining of the week. All team lvl 30, except Mortem. Battled similar lvl teams, but lost 8 in a row. Only in 2 of those matches, could play better. Rest was lost to bad draw and difference in creatures builds.

Its the same battle after battle.

Why should this overlevled dinos, who belong to the wrong arena, keep destroying the experience from other players?

… and again…

As time progresses you will see stronger and stronger dinos in Aviary.
You will most likely end up in Estates in the next six months as others pass you. Not sure how Library is yet, but Gyro is mostly L30 at this point. Wasn’t like that 6 months ago. If your still running such low level dinos after 2 years of play it’s inevitable.
You’re progressing slower than average. Most of the F2P in our alliance that have been playing from the start are L29-30.
Some of the whales are also L29-30 in under 8 months.
Unless something changes, Aviary will probably be all L30 in under a year.
Don’t set that in stone, it’s a VERY rough 5 min guess. LOL


Level doesnt mean anything. What you end up with is less investment in arena. Why would you bother to level your strike team if you know you got a good thing going?

Once your team wins sufficiently why level anymore? Why go to the next arena if it means more losses and more anger?

Also it will disengage players who have oddball teams which should be in lower arenas. Players who play purebred teams or thematic teams will be the bottom of the arena because of meta.

The problem is the reset and lack of higher arena above Shores. What Ludia should do for a few seasons is reset less aggressively, make arena incs be worth playing for in the top 2 (in my example 3) arenas, create a new arena (Fusion Lab) and implement a “valve” to prevent droppers fron going more than 1 arena down. So Labbers can drop to the start of Shores and so on. Then over time and with some boost resetting/ better scoring (40/30 win/loss for players 10/0 win/loss for AI). Most of the Clog will be fixed.

Library has a lot of level 30s in it currently but I also usually play between 5300-5400, though I did hit 5467 this season, I’m not sure how much rating ties into what you see/don’t see in terms of dino levels

@Moksha I rly think that it’s not as bad as you’re painting it, I’m aviary too, I face that mess daily, I lose to it often, but I beat it fairly often too. It’s not a matter of “Oh I’m getting hard matches, the arena is broken” as they are hard, but beatable. Playing unboosted and using non-meta creatures comes at a price, and it’s a pretty demanding one. I’m not saying you should reboost, but know that you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Going UB is rly, rly hard, and it’s not for everyone. Please don’t try to argue, at least not right away, just think about it for a minute.

Another thing is that “fair” matchmaking cannot exist. It never has and it never will, and that’s fine. The arena isn’t messed up because the system is broken, the arena is messed up because the top is congested. Shores was added in 1.8, and we haven’t gotten anything since. New arenas were added maybe once every 2 patches back then, and the top was not rly congested. Being up top was an achievement of hard work and dedication (where do you think whales get their money?) and it should be that way. Adding new arenas would definitely widen the necessary gap between the top players and the people stuck in library or aviary. That gap is closing fast, and it needs to open up again.

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There are those who think the top shouldnt be given such large advantage in seasonal arena. I am all for more arena above Shores if nothing to tap on Ludia’s strength making beautiful arenas then spoiling them by making you see it for months in the worst days of your playing life.

The solution cannot be a huge code for arena or adding more flab. It has to be working within the current algorithm then tweaking it with minor code changes with major resultant change.

While i do agree that simply adding arenas only temporarily fixes the problem, I do think that after a certain point (say 7500, at least for now), you just get reset to the last 250 Mark you cleared. 7865 goes to 7750, 8280 goes to 8250, 9210 goes back to 9000, you get the idea.

It’s a lot to program, but Ludia being a somewhat large company means that they should be able to figure it out, especially given the devs they have

I think that a level bracket set could work, but that would really disadvantage players who like to use off-meta dinosaurs… a full level 30 team of epics or rares probably couldn’t compete with a team full of level 30 uniques

I’m not for or against anything I’ve read here.
But do you think Ludia is really going to put in the work for something like this?
Do you really think it’d function as intended?
If it was implemented and did work… what if it ISN’T the answer you were looking for?

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That line is the1 that gets me, “what if it ISN’T the answer you were looking for”. I caught a lot of heat for speaking out against the “team strength” factor anditwasthe same thing, people seeing a short term fix without realizing the long term implications

Because just like the current Arena rewards, if you want the better rewards you’ll level a team up to get them. Most players don’t level up most creatures, so they should have creatures for different Arenas.

I appreciate that it isn’t perfect but I think I would be a good option.

In games that do not require the least amount of skill from the player, the only thing that makes any difference is resources. Sell resources is what makes for companies revenue. If they prevent people from using in game resources, such as not being able to demolish lower level players/players with less resources, the game cannot remain alive.
People should give away the idea of fairness is gotcha games, it cannot be a thing for the very nature of the game.
Is not that Ludia doesn’t know how to balance it or doesn’t listen, is that it cannot be implemented without breaking the game.

Demanding 500 or 1000 points for one boost up is required. The current 1 boost per 100 points system makes people boost up too easily.

Very interesting perspective.

Comparing with other long lifed (and less stressfull?) games: World Of Warcraft, Counterstike (CS), Diablo, SimCity, mindcraft and so on…

Those games don’t have a purpose of monitize the players. Fortnite example don’t even want to be a ”pay-to-win” game – and even with that, its the most profitable game ever…

I mean, people don’t want to be slayed or feel their work is not worth the time to hunt, as it is in JWA. The fact players even spending hours after hours going OUT to hunt, will TAKE AWAY the motivation from the game if it is not balanced!

Back when they allowed us to see a persons trophy count before a match started I dropped down and decided to check out their current match making system. And it’s some kind of extra hot mess.

Regardless of what Ludia says it’s not power based… it’s trophy based but not always designed to match you up with people with similar trophies.

In ruins for example if I was fighting in the 4300s even as high as 439x I was 100% matched with people who were also 43xx more often then not these people were of the exact same trophy count as me.

Now as soon as I crossed the 4400 mark I started getting opponents in avairy but they could be as high as 4600. Once I dropped down below 4400 started getting opponents in the 4300s again.

I did this for a week it was the most consistent thing I’ve experienced in this game.

Once you hit the top end of you current arena your going to consistently be matched up with the people from the next arena. Which creates a lot of these match making complaints.

Adding more arenas is not a viable solution. The problem is if your above 5k trophies your in the top 5% of this games players. Those top 5% are spread through 3 arenas and have a power level range between a library team and the top of the ladder.

Spreading that 5% out more doesn’t fix anything. The top 5% should be exclusive to shores… not top 5% includes the very bottom of library and the very top of shores.


i also experienced mostly trophy based matchmaking in aviary (tho power is even less of a consideration in this arena than the previous) Trohpy counts were equivalent or pretty close. but the team strength could be vastly different. It was a pain trying to tweak a team to deal with vastly different opponents at the same trophy count. I eventually just gave up and run what works for the most part.

i barely battle because i don’t have the patience to deal with more than a few a day at this point.

Agree with Evicton. There is simply not enough players for better matchmaking. Top 1000 are in Shores. 2000 or 3000 more players are in Gyro.

Definitely no need for new arenas. Game need new players. Every player that avoid arena or rarely battle is one option less.

On top of that there are tournaments over weekends, which means even less players in arena. Timezones shrink available players even more.

It’s hard to expect similar lvl and strenght team with so many limitations. Actually, doubt that “perfect” matchmaking would ever work. There would be constant timeouts and long waiting on opponent. Isn’t better to play 4 or 5 battles within one hour to get incubator, than one hour searching for opponent?