Serious question for Ludia re: coins


With the game currently not loading, which I’m assuming is an issue at your end - as people all over the world are experiencing the same thing…

… will any compensation be offered for causing people to miss out on their daily coins?

Coins are pure liquid gold in this game and I’m more frustrated about missing a days worth of coins, than not being able to catch Dino’s right now!


Yeah it sucks not being able to hit my daily limit for coins and cash. Part of the incentive for having VIP is getting that $40 every day and now I can’t do that or even hunt raptors tonight. Mine was down for a few hours earlier and then started working again, but went back down for the last however many hours now. It would be nice of them to throw a bone our way for the inconvenience.


Exactly - well look at it this way, they’ve sold us a service (which we’ve pre-paid for) and haven’t delivered what we purchased.

It’s probably in their best interests to throw us a bone to avoid people requesting a refund of their VIP on this exact basis.


It would be a great thing to see some kind of compensation but i doubt that it will happen :frowning: