Seriously, being able to boost uniques was a horrible idea

I just battled a level 22 Thor with 4768 health, 1775 damage, and 135 speed. That’s a big screw you to anyone who faces this opponent, and I battled him in Sorna. Uniques are freaking powerhouses anyway, so why in the world would it be fair to boost the crap out of these creatures? I didn’t stand a chance, losing 3-0, and I’ve faced several battles like this. I’m stuck in Sorna because I actually had skill before 1.7, and now I’m facing overpowered boosted dinos from opponents who don’t have nearly as much skill. I can’t even fill my incubator slots, which is all I care about right now. The only unique I’ve created on my own was the indoraptor and I only boosted her speed and that’s not enough.

What the hell were you thinking, Ludia? This is not fair at all!

Stop letting boosts be used on unique dinos or implement an arena where boosts aren’t allowed. This is getting ridiculous.


In the Marshes and below you you lose to two Thor or Rats, you get to battle AI for an incubator. No reason you can’t fill incubators at all. You get one every third battle… Unless you lose to the AI also then it the fourth battle.

I wish that was the case in the Aviary too !
I regularly lose up to eight or nine battles in a row up there , and all against real opponents . Mind you the Thor’s and Rats in Aviary are so boosted that over 4000 from a Draco swap in , and 7000 damage from a Thor is common .

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I have never lost that many in a row without getting to battle the AI after 2 or 3 loses and I am in the aviary.

Lucky you !
I don’t know if there is an official algorithm for it , but it isn’t uncommon for me .

Outside of the occasional no opponent ai… i have also never ran into the free win ai in avairy… and free win ai is different then the fight the ai button.

Free win ai goes into a swap loop after 2 of its dinos fall… ensuring it will never deal damage and you will win.

I have gotten 4 losses in a row in Aviary.
Only time I can get the AI is from the timer.
If there is an auto AI encounter, it’s more than 4 losses.
(Never made it to 5)

You have to come down to the shallow end of the pool for that. Sorna Marshes and below gives you automatic AI after two losses to 146 speed creatures and Rats.

Letting boosts be used only on non unique dinos is a worse idea so there’s that

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I haven’t been able to fight AI even once out of my last 30+ battles. Press fight and bamn, here is a tier 6 Thor to chomp my whole team into bits. Yay.

Seriously need an AI option before matchmaking starts.

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