Seriously, Ludia get your act together

Hey Ludia

Here is a list of issues that have been raised plenty of times. But you have ignored or set aside. I am once again raising it up.

You guys do know why we are doing this right? We love the game and want to see it get better. But the way you guys do things leaves serious doubts about whether you see things the way we do.


Here is a suggestion from me. Nothing new. Just reiterating. (kinda tells you how the “developers” view things and how us players view things).

  1. Please FIX all the bugs that you have lying around and have created all along. There are too many bugs for a game that has been around for so long. Do you guys ignore such bugs? I am serious. Cos to the outside world, you seem to be doing your best to not resolve any bugs.

  2. get the arena fixed! If it is not unequal matching, then it is connection issues and weirdly enough strange icons displayed for the dinosaur. E.g. I had “Evade” shown for my Thor. Why? This should not be happening

  3. Get you act together and fix the chat in JWA. Currently it is terrible. Horrible. The worst. Can you at least bring it up to satisfactory level? That’s all I am asking for. Cos that’s about all you folks can fix. I am not asking for perfection. At least bring it up to 50% of what it is supposed to be doing. That’s a lot of leeway dude.

  4. Improve your silly matchmaking code. It does not work. It is stupid. You guys seriously do NOT play the game. Cos if you did, you would know the issues.

  5. thank you for the giga scents. But you need to step up. Getting the same old Majungasaurus, Dinocherius, Dimetrodon G2, Allosaurus…is not very fun anymore. Give us different zone scents. Having the same scent attracting the same dinos is no fun.

  6. why is JWA the only app that gives connection issues? WHY? I can switch from one app to another with no problem. But switching from JWA To another and back to JWA, results in more than 50% of times the JWA app having to fully restart. Why? Why is your app the most problematic of all the apps on my phone?

Seriously Ludia. You have a great game. But you guys are pushing it down. Why? Are you in self destruct mode?

Please get your act together.


Can’t agree more. And these things keep getting brought up because they keep being ignored. This game could be so much better if even 75% of bugs were ironed out. I’d love to know who they have testing this game in real time cos it seems like no one does


I can live with most of that, but the SD’s being unresponsive while driving has been driving me absolutely crazy.
More so than the permanent collect button.

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During lockdown here in the UK we haven’t been allowed out for more than one walk a day. This has led to being stuck indoors for hours and hours on end.

The plus side of this is that with the highest speed broadband possible there shouldn’t be any problems playing JWA right?


The game requires a restart after every interaction on chat, literally every single time.
Check out the last time someone was online with the game. As soon as you restart, go straight to your alliance member list, check when they last played. You will see a few who maybe didn’t play for 2 or 3 days etc… then dart a Dino or two, go back and those players show up as having been on within a day. Restart again (because there’s no connection to chat again) and restart and the same players are back to not being in for a few days again. Crazy.

As has been said, every other game and application run perfectly. It’s only JWA that has the problem.


Its very displeasing to hear that they still have not fixed alliance chat! To say it’s been an unreasonably long time is a massive understatement.

It had been broken over 10 months when I last played, and that was patch 1.9.

I seriously dont see what the hold up is =/

I’d genuinely accept an update that didn’t give anything new but addressed all the problems listed above.


Totally agree.

Just fix the bugs once and for all.

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Yes seriously why is it always JWA having the problem? I don’t think it is my phone. I am using Samsung galaxy s8+. On android 9.

No other app gives that much problem. Gosh even not switching between apps can give you an issue. The constant purple circle of death, the red “connection issue” and more.

Try to donate DNA and you get various messages like “already fulfilled” (but not shown), or cannot be done. Come on. I would think these are basic codes that can be done easily. But like what @Stiffeno mentioned, these problems have been around for a long long time. Maybe as long as since dinosaurs roamed the earth. :grin:

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And Ludia don’t even bother to answer anymore. The actually don’t care anymore. The will only cash in money.
There is so many bugs and the matchmaking is fake, made to make you loose often to buy more, but it’s a never ending story.

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