Seriously, Ludia?

What you’ve done by taking so many useful dinos (Stego, dilo2, etc…) And making them park spawns then nerfing park spawns is nauseating. Will you be releasing a park dinos incubator/scent soon? Parks especially should be well populated by dinos. But they are barren, I passed through several this morning and saw nothing but a couple event dinos.

This is disgusting.

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I see that you aren’t tyrant level vip. That unlocks park spawns.


That’s rough. I have tons of the green drops by me. A lot not even in a park.

I’m not talking about the supply drops. I’m talking about park spawn dinos. Like Stego and dilo2.

I don’t need parks for the supply drops, I can get those anywhere. I need parks for the dinos that only spawn in parks…or now don’t spawn in parks.

She wasnt refering to green supply drops shes talking about normal park spawns. That include stuff like stego, dilo 2, anky 2… its a severly diluted spawn pool to begin with…then add in that park spawns in general are at a abysmal rate and the fact that proximity spawns dont work in a large number of parks.

Dilopho G2? What is this mythical creature you speak of? Is that like a Unicorn or something? :kissing_closed_eyes:


Dilo gen 2 is the new goldchicken

I completely agree. Things are getting frustrating on the hunting aspect lately

I work in local 3, and usually the place is literally crawling with Dilo g2. I think that since the last update, I have seen maybe 1 or 2 in the past week. That’s it.

Parks almost seem like just a way for them to say “Too many people want these dinos so let’s take them away!”