Seriously need to increase the spawn on Titanboa Gen 1

How do you think you make the game fair, you announce an event of it spawning 3rd to 14th Feb yet I have travelled loads the last couple of days and I am very lucky I have seen 1, 90% if not more in my alliance are still yet to see one so how realistically is this really an a event if it’s not possible to gain a chance of seeing it


Obviously just weren’t selected to be part of the Titanoboa test team. Don’t worry, neither was I.


Well, you’ve seen more than I have.

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I’m curious how people are showing off the hybrids already. I haven’t seen a single 1 and I have walked every night for 90 minutes and twice had epic scents going while doing so.


i know @NiceGuy is legit.
as for others (with the unique) i’m not so sure on them.


What people actually have the hybrid ?? How can they have reached level 20 and over when you can’t even find one in the wild :scream_cat::scream_cat:

1 day after release someone had the unique already.

it’s been reported already, so whatever happens happens.

as for the legendary hybrid

Do what you want guys.
But don’t forget some things…

1-that thing is so hard to dart,even if you are a dart master,you will hardely reach 150DNA whatever you do.
2-The hybrids are not worth it
3-Titanoboa will stay exclusive forever
4-its clearly almost impossible to find even one on the wild (remind me the week of blue spawn)
5-Don’t forget for those 2 weeks ofc,the spawn rate is divided by 2 because of smilodon and pachy spawns.

So,instead of trying too hard and killing your patience,just do as some of us do for february,take a nap.
I will wake up the week end to get few epics but thats it.


Or go to the dark side of gaming… :smirk:

I completely agree that the spawn rates need to be increased especially because it is available for a limited amount of time and plus there is an epic hybrid pursuit that’s going on at the same time (which I am also not doing well in either).

I’m not suggesting that we need to find one right and left (even though that would be nice), but it shouldn’t be so hard to find your first one.

I had a dream that I found a epic Titanboa in a park (it will be interesting to see if that actually happens). Oddly enough in my dream I had a hard time reaching it. Lol :sweat_smile::confounded::snake:


Ludia isnt going to change anything, they only care about the money and they clearly are trying to squeeze the money out of everyone.

You’d think in a game thats a dino clone of pokemon go, we’d be able to dart nearly everything(which is almost completely true of course) in the game, but what we’re seeing more and more is ludia is either locking stuff behind paywalls or locking them behind the lame sanctuary wall with incredibly low spawn rates in the wild.

Pokemon go clearly has the edge over this game now, as the only things in that game that cant be caught in the wild are raid pokemon and quest pokemon(all of which make the game more fun in my opinion).

I dont know who is making the decisions over at ludia, but this game will not last much longer if they continue to go down this boneheaded path of self-destruction.


I’m just hoping that the spawn rate will increase as we get closer to Valentine’s Day or that it will be a specific creature of the day on that day.


I would love for that to happen as well

I have found 1 so far in 3 days and I drive for a living 5-6 hours a day. Mind you I have found
7 T-rexs, 6 sinoceratops, 6 spinos, 5 baryonyx, a nodopado, an anky, a concaventor, 2 Grypos, a fricken Puruataurus, oh and 3 ourans. It’s to the point where I don’t want to grab anything so I don’t miss the flipping snake but some people somewhere have enough to have a “legit” spinoconstrictor…oh oh and I have used 2 epic scents as well.


They have made plenty of changes based on community feedback actually. And yes they are in the business of making money.

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IKR, you’d never even know if the snake spawned while you were darting another epic :joy:

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they have made changes based on community feedback, yes, but what we’re seeing as a repeating trend is the exact opposite of what would equal profitability. we’re seeing Ludia putting more creatures behind paywalls or “exclusivity” when the entire point of this game is go out and “catch” dinosaurs.

when this game first came out, this game had a huge advantage over pokemon go and i was thoroughly enjoying this game since pokemon go was just a completely grind back then. but as with all business, Niantic saw the competition and chose to make changes(and continue to make positive changes) that would have a positive impact on the game and currently, pokemon go has become the superior product while Ludia is going in the exact opposite direction.

a company’s success is not entirely based on investor/shareholder invest, it all is dependent on how many consumers are spending money on their products/services, as it is consumers who the company is trying to market to.