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Seriously, No Disrespect But Does Ludia Beta Test?

We had one update that was rolled back after it failed and there are clearly a ton of bugs in the new one, though none on Android since it is vapor (at the moment). Seriously, no disrespect to Ludia, this was a major update and those are always really tough.

I have a online company and we always use sandbox servers with beta testers before things go public facing. Is that not common in the game industry? Seems like most of these updates go public facing without proper testing and am just curious if they just use play testers or open to a group of actual players fr testing.

It’s an honest question as I do not know how it works in game app companies. Maybe it’s the pressure to release updates often?


metahub has been testing for some indeterminate about of time:

That’s great, but is that two people, fifty people? I am just curious how some of these things could have gotten missed. I have toured labs that do nothing but this using various devices. Assumed that was pretty standard.

Good to know they are using sandbox servers for testing though. Thanks for that.

When I look at things like this I never blame it on the programmers, but project managers. Clearly there is not a good process in place. Or maybe there is and we’re just not seeing it.

i really couldnt say.

i know that mnbrian has the strength of ten men, but that may not be relevant in this situation.


Its common to beta test in the gaming industry.

@mnbrian How many people help out with the beta phase for Ludia? If they even do that.

Exactly. Rollouts like this consume critical resources for a company like Ludia. In their case mostly in IT and support functions I imagine. You want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible to keep your internal costs as low as possible. You also don’t want to mess up your ratings, to keep profits as high as possible.

Again, stuff happens, but with proper testing and project management the impacts are usually negligible. Here we are over 8 hours later (and counting) and still nothing for Android. Was there no team leader on the Android side looking at this? Seems very dysfunctional or perhaps lackadaisical.

Which is why I was curious if the users ARE the beta testers. It would certainly not be the first time that has happened. Many companies launch earlier than they should due to pressures of quarterly reporting.

Anyway, just wondering…

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Before they even get to beta testing these updates should be tested for weeks in a lab. And if people are testing this in beta prior they are obviously using the wrong people as a 10 year old could have identified these issues.

They should back out of this update. Tons of issues on iPhone and not even available for android. Go back to the lab and don’t release another update until everything works.

By not doing that it is obvious they didn’t know how this update would work and are using their player base as the guinea pigs to report issues.

Not good customer service.



for weeks in a whaaaat?


LOL…exactly…probably their faces…ludia is in Montreal, they’re probably all out at happy hour now anyway…lol

I actually felt good about them rolling back the update last week when they realized there were some serious issues. It was the smart and responsible thing to do.

I am not sure what happened in that time. I wasn’t actually sure I would like the 1.7 update as it complicates the simplicity of the game, but was looking forward to it anyway. The release notes, seemed very promising.

Again, I may be naive as I only know what we do for a launch (and we are tiny). I would have assumed they had a pretty robust internal testing, beta and launch plan in place. But you know what they say about ‘assuming’

There is no happy hour on Tuesdays


My understanding of it is they give content creators early axcess for content creation exclusively. Metahub and pokefodder may be given a chance to play with new features its so they can have content ready when the update goes live.

So there not even their to test and find bugs… they are their to create content based on the new updatem.

If im wrong by all means…but being able to play friendlies so they can create guides for how good a new hybrid is… and testing match making algorithms with 10k people are two different things.

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There isn’t. lol…I’ll make sure I don’t got there on a Tuesday then…lol…I loved going to Montreal. Used to go a few times a year

BTW - Apple did the EXACT same thing with the OSX launch. I was ONE of those guinea pigs. not fun.

Ludia has 350 employees… if your being generous they might give early axcess to 50 people if that.

Even if they were all on at the same time its not even a fraction of whats needed for a decent stress test.

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Dang, I’ll be you’re wishing for one. There is one here JC, I will have a drink in your honor - seriously. You’re on the front lines of this. Not fun - I know.

I appreciate the solidarity.


It would make sense to offer special accounts to a certain percentage of your user base. It’s a fun game and many people would volunteer. Set up an online bug report form, something more robust than what is here on the forum. Those accounts could be tied directly to the sandbox server so they could not build up and use characters in regular matches.

We have special accounts we use for testing. Again though, we are small so this approach may not work for Ludia.

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If it makes you feel better I worked support for a companys that owned and operated 15 different brands so fall acquisitions left them moving warehouses in novemember…

I got to spend the weekend before christmas calling customers and telling them that despite being told otherwise last week we would be unable ship the packages before christmas. I can assure we are not that angry.


OUCH - that cannot be fun!