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Seriously, No Disrespect But Does Ludia Beta Test?

Atleast the angry people demanded a refund and we were able to give it to them and move on to the next customer.

The ones that broke down in tears and litterally begged if there was anything we could do to get it their sooner cause we were ruining their christmas that were tough.


That, that is rough.

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I was surprised that the update was today and not on next week. Apparently their emergency maintenance did not help them proceed with the update.

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What’s the name of the companies?? I’ll remember to never order from them before Christmas…lol

I believe it’s all Google’s fault.

Ludia pushed it out, Google is sitting on it.

It should populate the servers soon.

Wait for it.
Wait for it…

…we’re working on it.

I remember being a beta tester for Netscape, those were good times.

Beta testing. It’s a real thing.

We love to break it and tell you why it broke.


Didn’t someone post on here already that google was waiting on ludia?

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According to Google they’re saying they haven’t received any updates


I posted in the other thread its really hard for me to see it as Googles fault… Ludia has a history of updates that arent ready yet. And clearly from the reports of Ios users this update isnt ready… most likely because they spent an extra month fixing alliance missions.

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Clearly there needs to be an update on the internal testing process. They probably think they are saving money with the current process, but it’s not the case.

It angers the users, creating bad will and distrust. Ludia also spends more money doing it this way, in both support and development costs. It truly is a lose-lose situation.

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The poor moderators and help desk folks.

I feel for them, so busy dealing with angry people.

Doing a great job under pressure.


Especially when they could off load alot of the testing process with a ptr… but then people will know whats going to be newnling before they announce it. And that seems to be more important then releasing a working patch.

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So, seriously now, it’s. been almost 24 hours and the game still does not even start for many players (including me). So I have to ask again - does Ludia have a Beta test plan that they use? I have, in my recollection, never seen a rollout of an update go so horribly wrong and it seems that Ludia did not test it?

Ludia is a large company, owned by an even larger one. Is this how they roll out all of their games? This debacle is not good for the players, which means it is also not good for Ludia. They have lost a great deal of customer trust.

I would love to see a project manager come on and explain their testing process, if one exists. They have thrown many of the moderators and support people in front of a bus - and I feel for those front-line folks.

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I used to do tech support for an internet isp… that wasnt easy at all…

10 min on average, to walk people thru complex Windows fixes, who never done anything but email and surf the web…lol.

I don’t envy the job, though I do respect it.

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Wasnt easy, but I did it for 5 yrs… believe me, I feel sorry for u guys that are out on the front lines on here cuz u are the only ones that everyone can vent to…u did a great job JC. :slight_smile:

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Is this your best answer at this topic? The battles are ruined, there are more bugs then ever, I don’t even know how to comment it, cause it’s never been so worse. And you answer about happy hours in Montreal?!

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Levity is important Tenterro, cuts the tension if you keep reading we all rallied and enjoyed a convo while waiting for the update.




Many still locked out and unable to log in on Android. Wondering if the update deleted a bunch of user accounts.

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