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Seriously. Park exclusives need to stop

Most people at least have one park around them and if they’re lucky, might even live in a park area. But what’s not cool is that some people don’t have any access to parks. For example my nearest park area is 20 mins away. So that means 40 minutes driving round trip, wear and tear on the car and used up gasoline and oil to go there just for a chance at park spawns. And some people have it even worse than i do, for example one of my closest friends doesn’t have a park zone within an hour of them. So that means two hours straight of driving for a few measly park spawns which absolutely isn’t worth it. But if you’re trying to build something like a sarcorixis, testacornibus a smilonemys or quetzorion and you can’t get to a park you’re totally screwed. Just a suggestion so hopefully ludia thinks over park exclusives again. Because it really isn’t fair to anybody that doesn’t have a local park


I agree. Now I’m on a holiday in a countryside. There’s a lot of dinos here, and all 4 areas are easily accessible so hunting there’s amazing. But unfortunately there are no parks. Why should I be punished for not being in a city?
Imo parks should be reworked. Maybe instead of having exclusives, they should mix dinos from all 4 areas, making it worthy to go there, but not punishing players without a park nearby anymore


I have a large park at the edge of my town where I used to spend a bunch of time hunting. Especially back when green drops only spawned at parks. But I really can’t do this anymore. The park is a remote location, not many people live around it, and internet signal is never strong there. That was never a real problem until maybe around the time sanctuaries were introduced. The lag is just too bad to deal with out there now.


Their better then event exclusives… but I still think Park prisoners should be set free

I just think we need more spawn rotations, a massive migration every update.

I live in a park zone myself and I’ve honestly gotten sick of the spawns, getting 385729396738 pteranodons and lythronax a day.

I feel locked out of other zones just like you guys feel locked out of parks, especially during quarantine. Parks aren’t the problem, especially with how good they used to be vs now. It’s just spawns in general. Oh and event exclusives.

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I don’t mean to sound selfish rn but the erliko g2. It mustn’t leave me. Sadly l2 mainly spawns draco.

We should be able to trade dna with other players or transfer it with ourselves for other dna

Same here Dragonclaw, I live in a park spawn and I’m sick of them. No more tentontosaurus please! I’ve got my purrolyth up to level 26! But I have 4 green supply drops, so I really shouldn’t complain.

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Just rotate everything. This includes the exclusives.


I dun think they can rotate the spawns without greatly unbalancing the meta. They could do a total rotation of the spawns and rebalance all the creatures but that favours those who have farmed the DNA before it got exclusive

A major reshuffle is needed with parks and areas.

I personally have access to a secret park but it’s not really the same as a real park, plus it’s a golf course so can’t access most of it

As more and more creatures are added, surely more zones are needed otherwise spawns will be sooooo diluted

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I hate the parks. The ones around me aren’t very accessible, and the one that is has strangely few dinos that actually spawn on it despite how gigantic it is.

I would love for the mechanic to be reworked.


Park exclusives can spawn anywhere natural or green on the map that usually has a large number of special event supply drops. I live in the largest city in the us and I’m able to find park exclusives all over the place.

I hear you, Quetzorion was so hard to get! But isn’t park exclusive better than Tournament/Sanctuary exclusive?

Yes. I can farm bajada 24/7, but not arctops

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Ludia: decides to pull a wooly rhino and make arctops a wild spawn

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i mean. isn’t that what we want?

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Lol I mean that when he is like ya well I can’t do that with arctops; I’m like well ya never know?


I’ve said several times before that my town has two large parks but neither are a park on Google Maps so they don’t appear as such in JWA. I’ve even contacted Google and requested that they be updated but so far nothing has. This leaves only two locations in my town which the game classes as parks. Both of these are tiny children’s play areas. It makes getting park exclusive DNA extremely difficult to collect.