Seriously, this is tragic


so im one battle off finally hitting 4k trophies.

out comes lvl 24 Diplotator. I’m like OK, someone likes this beast. then it swaps for a lvl 22 Alanqa!! how does anyone even have that much DNA yet?? then the next is a lvl 24Diloranosaurus. some how we get two two kills each. i have his Diloran stunned. then the game freezes. i reload ASAP and battle over. i lost. what is going on? these match ups? the freezing. im starting to believe the conspiracies. if you dont pay dont even expect to reach 4K lol


I got to 4k without spending but then i started buying level up offers because coins and coins only.


In fact I got there at level 10.


Within 30 trophies of 4,000 I lost 18 times. Twice I was at 3,999. On try 19 I finally made it and then won 3 more times in a row.


Level 22 Alanqa? They must have gotten lucky with incubators and they must really like Alanqa :rofl: I would have saved that dna for Alankylosaurus


it was a great combo i must say. started wth diplo, i had i-rex. one swipe at diplo then put on cloak. they swapped out for alanqa, instant invisibilty so my cloak hit did nothing. then rampage at that level wiped me out before i could make a kill lol


Alanqa is the best flyer by far… especially 'cause it counters I-Rex… but Lv22 already, wow


lvl 22 alanqua… well he has spend a lot of money or has cheated his way…


Or was a bot, do they show up in your recents list?


I have mine near lvl 19 and had really bad luck whit fuses, like 80% time getting 10