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Seriously though, why are probability attacks/abilities in the game?


Arena 8, 4200 trophies… played a ton of battles, and I simply cannot understand why we have probability attacks/abilities (stun, cloak, critical hits, etc.). All I’ve ever seen them do is give people that don’t deserve to win, a victory and people that deserve to win a loss.

Wow, so you tapped your screen a prayed that your stegoceratops got 5 straight stuns, or your IREX cloak worked or you got a 5% critical hit and won. Clearly I got outplayed lol… ?

Some games need RNG, just isn’t needed in this game. Let us decide who wins. Please get rid of all of them and the better player wins every time, with them, it’s like the RNG is deciding who wins every time which is unfortunate. Would be way more fun without it. I’m cool losing when I lost. Not cool losing because of RNG nonsense.


Because it makes it nore interesting than normal attack power. Be pretty boring only dealing 50 damage/hit.


I can see where you are coming from , especially as since I got my IRex it loses three out of four times as the cloak doesn’t work and it gets taken out without making a move . So depressing , but over all the chance that you’ll get a crit or five stuns in a row keeps the game interesting and exciting .
I’m seriously thinking about not using IRex now .


for a game so obviously modeled from clash royale, it’d be like the computer randomly launching rockets at one players tower throughout the game. that isn’t needed to decide who wins. we are more than capable of deciding it without the computer playing a factor.


Yeah, I’m thinking this too. I get that some people feel it adds excitement, but to me it’s just a tediously long dice roll.

My last 10 battles I have been matched against dinos 3-4 levels over me, players 200-300 trophies over, and I’m getting a bad run of stuns and cloaks (both bad for me, and good for them). Yeah, that’s the way arena 8 works. I’m over that bit. But there just isn’t a hook to keep me engaged. Nothing I do matters, except staying away from truly bonehead strategy.

When I do win, I don’t feel accomplished. I think “Ooo, it went my way this time.” Zero determination of my own fate. If I wanted that kind of fun in my game, I’d get one of the billion slots games out there.


Yep, it keeps the playing field level. In theory.


the purpose of RNG is not to make you good at a game that you are not good at. that is all the RNG in this game does.


Wow, wouldn’t that be boring… Why not remove the battling process altogether, have the server compare teams and declare the winner?


I wouldn’t mind if every 5th game was determined by an unlucky two cloak dodges in a row or something like that
But when every second game is won or lost because ‘Oh that 5% crit put him ahead one Dino or I missed my 75% stun, he hits both 75 and 33% it’s quite crushing.


You have a point, but removing all stuns, crits and cloaks definitely isn’t the solution.

It’s less of an issue if you just feel proud you did the best moves in the present situation. I feel proud if I’m able to bring a game against an overleveled opponent to a 50/50 (or even 75/25 in my favor) even if I lose in the end.


you feel proud when the computer bails you out and lets you get lucky? rather than winning by skill/strategy, etc? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


No. (20 chars blabla)


Everything is up to chance. Every sport, has chance. No person does the exact same thing, the exact same way, every time… you stun attack once and it works, you stun attack again and it doesn’t… why? Because minor things never repeat and vastly effect the outcome, that’s unpredictability (chaos theory?). :laughing:

But seriously, if every attack always did only damage (and the same damage every time)… biggest and fastest damage dealer always wins. That my friend is what No Strategy looks like.

If you’ve ever watched a contact sport like boxing, count the number of misses and blocks vs the number of actual hits and you will see that battles do not involve standing there where one person punches, then the next person takes his turn to punch… with nobody blocking and nobody missing and nobody dodging.

How boring is it when a basketball game goes point, point, point, point, and nobody misses, nobody steals, nobody blocks. EVERY GAME HAS CHANCE. To think that skill involves no chance is naive.


LOLOLOLOL… you are really comparing REAL life sports to video games. that’s hilarious. is tom brady completing a 60 yard TD to win the superbowl the same as your stun working? chance and RNG is not the same thing. when you shoot a basketball, does a computer decide if your shot went it? when you throw a punch, does a computer decide if it lands or not? no, your own skill/ability does and the higher your skill level, the better chance. it’s not just random nonsense.

this game has a computer deciding things without factoring anything about either player into the equation. that is random. and you are punished/rewarded for things that you did nothing to deserve.

the strategy comes from the dino abilities and correct matchups. getting a 5% critical hit is not strategy.


The strategy is in preparing for and countering the RNG.


I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing this issue - but I think it’s new. I’m in arena 5/6 and honestly I cannot remember the last time I was stunned 5x in a row. Until this week.

Now it seems like every time I have a stun used against me I get crippled, yet my stuns rarely, if ever, go off. Even the 75% chance to stun moves aren’t paying off. But minimal stunning strike cripples my team? What? I have immune creatures but it’s just so aggravating to have 5 turns in a row, multiple times today, without being able to move.


Sometimes your opponent would win because s/he has better/higher evolved dinosaurs and not necessarily the better strategy. The RNG is casually evening the odds.


Jammco I’m now sitting by myself, uh, er, talking to myself. That’s, that’s chaos theory.