Seriously, what‘s going on in ur mind?

We all know that the boosts broke the game. But now that 1.8 has arrived it seems to get even worse.

And what the heck is wrong with the matchmaking? I‘m somewhere between 4600 and 4800, once I stood at 5200 and then came the frakking boosts. My highest dinosaur is a lvl 25, the others are lvl 23-24, highest ranks are rank 5, most have rank 3 or 4 boosts.

Then why am I battling players with monster op boosted creatures that wipe out my entire team in seconds? Why am I facing lvl 28-30 dinos with rank 6+ boosts?

What are those Pay2Win Players doing in such a low trophy section? Are u even enjoying it? What has just gotten into ur mind to break the game in such a drastic way?

I‘m pretty happy with the RNG nerf, but the boosts, the rats and the monster op Thors and Erlidoms just destroyed it for me. I‘m not even trying to battle these anymore. Once such a monster shows up, I just put my phone aside.

Where is the fairness? The fun? The action? The motivation to collect, hunt and level? Now it only matters who pays more bucks than the other and still those monster teams aren‘t at 6000 trophies but in the 4k range.

It just sucks. Totally ruined for me. The last lame event weeks made me become very inactive and my alliance kicked me out because of it. Then 1.8 arrived and I don‘t even feel interest to battle.

And this here just destroyed everything for me. I had to look 3 times at the stats before I could believe it.

Seriously, Ludia. If u don‘t want to listen to the community…if u don‘t want to finally fix matchmaking and make it fair and remove those frakking boosts then plz give us a surrender button.

I‘m just so frustrated and I feel like this game has completely turned into P2W. Maybe I should drop to the 3000 range, maybe then I will battle players with a similar team lvl as mine.


I think that lvl 30 Thor with 7000 health pretty much sums it up. -.-

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A brilliant post German Raptor .
I’ve played you a few times and I’m at the same level as you . I experience exactly the same problems as you do too .
The game seems to be completely broken with unfair match ups and way over boosted dinos .
Such a shame .

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The match ups appear to be getting worse with every passing day.

I remember reading somewhere that match ups would include boosts in dinos. Well, I haven’t boosted anything in a while. Only 5/8 of my team even have any, and none that are too high. Yet I’m frequently being paired with someone with a fully boosted team, with way higher boosts and levels than what I have.

Yeah I also read that matchmaking would be influenced by the boost stats. But this would just mean it‘s totally broken cuz I‘m battling way way stronger opponents. Their dinos are almost in every battle at a higher lvl than mine AND boosted at a rank above 5.
My max boost rank is 5. And I have two or three dinos with these boost ranks.

Actually, it seems they changed matchmaking back. All those top 500 players that were stuck in lower arenas now climbing back. Had also pleasure fighting lvl 30 teams. In few days everything will be back at normal.

I’ve climbed about 400 trophies today.

I just hope ur right. Those monster op teams belong to the highest trophy section, leave us our Aviary and battle fun. :sweat_smile:
They can play their Game of Boosts in the 6000 range.

I‘m just sick of losing 5/6 battles because I don‘t even stand a chance against those op things. -.-

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Well i haven’t see nothing new.
As i said,fix matchmaking,and NERF boosts

In the exact same boat. In two days I’ve won 6 matches out of 40-ish battles just to get my daily and incubators. I haven’t even gotten my daily yet today and its 5:30 pm. I’ve won two matches.