Seriously, Who is Buying All the Boosts?

Another $2,000 needed today for 100 Boosts. That’s up from a couple weeks ago. Sunday sales too.

Who has been sucked into buying all the Boosts and paying over $100 per month to do so? And will you ever stop?

If you don’t stop paying $1,200 per year you may have a chance to make the top of the Leaderboard.

New players might as well forget about it as they are already behind over 1,000 Boosts and will never catch up.


As long as their hunger marketing trick is still appealing to majority, boosts reset will remain theoretical forever.

Original plan was to get my entire team to T7.
The Indo nerf was bad enough that I had to straight up take that investment as a loss and start over with Dio as a replacement.

I’m making pretty good progress and hope to be done by next month.
As long as they don’t totally nuke nerf more than 3 main dinos every month like they did with Indo I should be good. (In theory)

A. Thanks for a reminder why I don’t come on the forum anymore.

B. There are lots of whales out there and that’s just called capitalism. It they want to waste money on a digitized currency that’s their prerogative.

C. I’ve purchased almost all the boost sales without spending a single penny of my own. Ludia gives you the option to earn money playing other people’s games through TapJoy. I had well over 11K in bucks a month ago… now I’m pretty much broke, but am currently working on 2 games that will get me close to 11K again, so go do some work if you want free boosts.

some do not have the game option on tapjoy unfortunately


Really? Who doesnt’ get the Tapjoy offers?

Today marks the 1st time Ive spent actual money on boosts, I had 600 dinobucks so I spent 4.99. I have felt like an idiot about it all day. The game is pricing out casual players and it is honestly time to (As i read someone else say) reevaluate my expectations. I realize I spend most of my time playing trying to do towers and dailies and it is becoming the wrong kind of grind. I have been looking for that next game and its roigh but it is time to open our eyes

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Everyone on iOS.


I imagine there is actually more people buying boosts then there isnt at this point. The indo nerf took alot of people highest level dino and turned it into a barely usable dino… it doesnt seem like a coincidence their selling boosts in bigger lots at the moment might as well sell bundles of all the boosts with a tagline get your indo replacement boosted up fast with our new boost package.

With match making the way it is dropping indo is also like a bonus to those that had it as their highest team lvl dino.


I have bought them all and it hasn’t cost me any real money. Just what I’ve earned through JWA and tapjoy. I still have 10k cash left and another 12k on its way if tapjoy pays up. I probably have the best free team out there. Not stopping anytime soon, haha


damn you!! lol

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That WAS you! LMFAO
Sorry about that :slight_smile: GG!

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talk about a boosted rat… i cant wait till my whole team is boosted. revenge!!

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Hey which tapjoy offers do you do that don’t require actual money and actually gives dino cash? Most of the ones that offer good dino cash amounts often require a purchase of some kind so I don’t do them

I’m currently working on these ones. The fish one didn’t pay up but did on my girlfriend’s account. And i can’t do King of Avalon because apparently i already did one for it. The other 2 are almost finished though. Started when it was 2x cash.

And this is one that i already finished that was started at the same time.

The ones where you just level your city are pretty easy, but can also take a couple weeks sometimes because of the wait times for building. Just gotta check in here and there and maintain it. Barely any playing required.

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…so unfair

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I used to do a lot of tap joy but there’s no fake options just buy items. Not gonna do that, I’ll remain free to play and stick to my plan of only buying speed boosts

Ive done this method as well but it does quickly become a “how much time do I play games to play other games” situation which of course comes back to your level of dedication.


True, it can waste a lot of time getting them done but its also something to do when I’m annoyed with the arena. I’ve had to bail on some after chipping away for 2-3 weeks but I’ve got a decent system down now for getting it all done. It sucks while you’re working on them but its all worth it when they actually pay up.


I believe the saying goes These ‘are only free if your time is worthless’. Though I do them as well, they are in no way free.